How to prevent hair loss

If you are suffering from hair loss problem, then you can stop it in the following way –

Yoga – If you do yoga daily, then your internal body system will work smoothly and it can reduce the problem of hair loss.

Food – The amount of protein, vitamins and minerals in your food should be sufficient. Biotin is a vitamin that helps hair grow. Foods that are too fried and too salt should be avoided. Fruits and salads should be eaten more. One should drink more water.

Oil – Massaging the scalp daily with coconut oil increases blood flow to the head, which helps new hair to grow.

You should avoid excess dust, sunlight and dirt.

The solutions written above are only for women and some men.

Most men’s hair falls due to genetic properties, in which only the front hair falls. If the cause of hair fall is genetic then you cannot do anything. You should not be tempted by advertisements, they just want to take your money. There is no medicine that can prevent hair loss due to genetic properties.

by Abdullah Sam
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