Hair loss in the fall? 3 apple remedies

Hair falls like leaves in autumn. No poetry, this (unfortunately) is the harsh reality. Raise your hand if you among you would always like to have bright hair, with a bright and soft color to caress.

Instead it is not like that. Especially with the change of season, if you finish them they dry up, if you have them curls they wrinkle and then fall, fall and fall again. In short, never a joy! But do not worry, you can resort to repairs with some specific measures and treatments. All natural and homemade, with one ingredient that stands out above all: our Melinda apple!

Autumn: stop hair loss with apples

Your hair. In autumn. Sad short story.

They can change the mood of an entire day if they’re not exactly what you want them to be. Today, however, we want to give you good news: our precious apples have also been used for centuries for cosmetics and hair care. Do you want to try?

To fortify… an apple a day is enough!

Do you have brittle hair that breaks and falls out easily? A Melinda a day will help you . The secret lies in the large concentration of antioxidants. The polyphenols contained in apples, in fact, neutralize free radicals and stop the damage to cells and tissues. A treasure trove of water, sugars, mineral salts, fiber, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins: everything you need to keep your body in strength. To the tip of your hair.

Moisturizing and nourishing mask with apple pulp

With autumn your hair is just like that of the apple tree out there. A little dry and dull. Stay up, you can always make a nice wrap with our Melinda’s heart . Grate the apple and collect the pulp in a bowl, adding a few drops of lemon. After you have done the shampoo, do not use the conditioner, but dry your hair and apply the prepared mask over the entire length of the hair, without neglecting the ends. Make yourself a nice turban and keep it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing. Repeat the treatment once a week for a month.

More shine with apple cider vinegar

“Hair falls out because it is the period of chestnuts”: how much truth in this saying, don’t you think? If you add dyes, a hairdryer and a straightener … the ruin is just around the corner. The ideal here is our Apple Cider Vinegar , excellent for reinvigorating the hair and to prevent the appearance of split ends . Use it like this: put a teaspoon of Melinda vinegar in a glass of water and apply it to wet hair, massage for 5 minutes and rinse. Repeat this operation every 2 weeks… you will see what a difference!

So, are you all ready to have shiny hair even in the fall? An apple a day keeps the hairdresser away (or almost)


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