Ways to put children to sleep

If you are troubled by the problem of children waking up at night, then let us know the ways of sleeping children-

  • You breastfeed your baby as well as gently stroking their head, which will make your baby sleep.
  • Take the child in your lap and slowly swing it from right to left.
  • Children love to listen to lullabies, let the child sing the lullabies in a slow and sweet voice, and slowly swing them in the lap.
  • When the children start sleeping, then take them on their lap and pat them lightly on their back or head.
  • The child’s room should be clean.
  • Darken the child’s room, so that the child feels that it is still night.
  • Keep the atmosphere of the child’s sleeping place quiet.
  • Never leave the child alone in the room while sleeping.
  • Children should never be scared to sleep.
by Abdullah Sam
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