How to prevent hair loss and enhance its growth

Women’s hair loss is a common hair problem. Why does it fall out? How to solve it?

Normal hair loss is around 50 to 100 hairs a day. These hairs are not lost, but are replaced by new hair. There are even already defined phases of the hair cycle . However, if you detect more hair than what can be considered normal on your brush or pillow when you wake up, it is already a problem of hair loss. But don’t panic, here are some tips to help you avoid hair loss. In this article we will focus on hair loss in women .

According to the Mayo Clinic , “A number of factors can increase the risk of hair loss, including a family history of baldness, age, significant weight loss, stress, increased androgens, diabetes, and lupus.” Although the most common possible causes of hair loss are:

  1. Hair loss in women due to excessive hair manipulation
  2. Hair loss in women due to vitamin deficiency
  3. Hair loss in women caused by immune system dysfunction

In the periods of change of season (spring and autumn) it is normal for hair loss to be more severe and more frequent. It also tends to be accentuated in specific moments of fatigue, stress , some illness … But what to do when this loss increases considerably?

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid hair loss :

Avoid hot water in showers

It is not the main cause of hair loss, but our scalp contains essential oils to protect it and high-temperature showers can wash away these oils, eliminating them and causing the scalp to become irritated and even inflamed. This can affect hair follicles and therefore hair growth and strength. Cold water activates blood circulation, stimulating hair growth.

Avoid rubbing with the towel when drying the hair

Our hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. It is important to dry it by pressing the towel gently instead of rubbing and thus avoid damaging the hair and, therefore, its loss. Also, we recommend combing your hair with a wide-tooth comb or brush if your hair is too wet.

Avoid drying your hair with the dryer at high temperature

The best way not to damage the hair is to dry it in the open air, but if we use the dryer, it must be done at a low temperature and as far as possible from the scalp.

Massaging the scalp

A hair massage will stimulate the bulbs where the hair is generated and, in addition, it will help us to reduce our stress level (one of the causes of accentuated hair loss). Ideally, the massage should last an hour and if you use oils, the most common are: olive, almond, tea tree and coconut oil.

Have a healthy and balanced diet

To maintain capillary health, hair needs nutrients to regenerate, grow and strengthen. If we do not eat well, our hair can be affected by the lack of nutrients, weaken and, therefore, make it more prone to fall. Many people go to the pharmacy to buy the necessary proteins to help their hair growth, but it will always be better if you incorporate these nutrients into your diet through the food you eat.

Some foods that we recommend in your diet to avoid weak, brittle hair and with little volume and that are important for the metabolic processes of the hair are:

  • Foods with Group B vitamins, which stimulate blood circulation allowing the arrival of nutrients to the hair root, such as biotin . Biotin promotes the growth of rapidly reproducing tissues (skin and nails, for example) and is involved in the metabolism of fats. This will help reduce hair breakage, protecting against hair loss. Biotin can be found in foods such as egg yolk, fruits (banana, strawberries …), oily fish (salmon, sardines, herrings …), brewer’s yeast, nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios …), chard …
  • Foods with zinccontent , such as oysters, wheat bran, liver, beef and pork. Thanks to Zinc, hair will not only grow faster but will also shine brighter and softer.
  • Products rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. It is essential to incorporate this fat into our diet, since the body does not produce it naturally and it prevents heart disease, prevents inflammation and increases good cholesterol. Foods with a high content of Omega 3 are: flax oil, olive oil, blue fish (tuna or salmon), shellfish (prawns, spider crabs, oysters …), avocado, oats, spinach … hair, consumption of these acids has been shown to reduce the telogen period (the resting phase of the hair follicles).
  • Foods with iron, such as sprouted alfalfa, oats, lentils, dried figs … Iron is key to oxygenating the scalp and will make your hair grow faster and healthier.
  • Products that contain animal protein, such as chicken meat, for example. This protein is necessary to produce keratin , a protein rich in sulfur that constitutes the main component of hair and nails.

Go to an expert

These are some tips that we can include in our day to day in a natural way to avoid hair loss within its normal cyclical growth. If you notice that your hair loss exceeds normal limits, our recommendation is that you go to a specialized doctor . He will probably do a blood and hormone test to help you.


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