How to reduce obesity

In today’s days, everyone wants to be seen. But obesity has become a major problem for most people. Due to weight gain, many types of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack, joint pain, flatulence, kidney related diseases are increased. Fed up with obesity, everyone wants to lose weight as soon as possible andNot everyone knows what they are willing to do for it. But it should be known that the weight gradually decreases.

Here are the easy ways to lose weight –

  • First of all, you should decide how much weight you want to lose and make your diet chart accordingly.
  • Drink a spoonful of honey and lemon juice in a glass of water every morning.
  •  Take an hour walk every morning and do light exercise.
  • Use green vegetables, fresh fruits and salads in large quantities.
  • Stop eating fast food, junk food and oily food.
  • Instead of wheat flour chapatti, start eating chapatti of barley and gram flour.
  • Take sprouted grains, oats or oatmeal for your morning breakfast.
  • Sometimes drinking less water also causes obesity. Sufficient amount of water should be drunk to avoid this.
  • Stop eating milk, butter and cheese made from it.
  • Eat fiber-rich food.


by Abdullah Sam
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