Pre-order PS5: All information and questions about pre-ordering the PlayStation 5

The PS5 will be released in winter 2020, but when can you pre-order it? We’ll tell you all the information about pre-orders so that you can buy them early. We clarify open questions about pre-ordering the new Sony PlayStation 5 console .

What do I need to know about pre-ordering the PS5?

The PS5 will be released in winter 2020 and the question is already where you can pre-order the PlayStation 5. At you can find out what you need to know so that you have a copy in your hands in time for the launch of the next-gen console.

It is important that no one knows on which release date it will be released and how high the price will be. But that doesn’t change the fact that potential buyers can already register for a corresponding preorder notification . With this e-mail message the starting signal is given to buy early! You can register on the official Sony website.

  • Register now for the newsletter directly from Sony

At the moment it is still unclear when the orders will be accepted. But you should sign up for the notification if you are interested. We assume that the pre-orders will start from the end of July 2020, i.e. in the approximate period of the discontinued E3 2020 . You can also you the way for a  notification  regarding the pre the Xbox Series X login.

Where can I get the PS5?

The console will then be able to be pre-ordered from the well-known retailers Amazon, Saturn, MediaMarkt or even Otto after the go-ahead.

Pre-order PS5 from Amazon here *

Pre-order PS5 at Saturn here * 



Pre-order PS5 here at MediaMarkt * 

Pre-order PS5 from Otto here * 

Important: The pre-orders are not yet online. However, this page is constantly updated. So check back regularly to be informed in good time when it starts!

Update from June 18, 2020: The retailers Amazon, Saturn and MediaMarkt have now launched their product pages for the PlayStation 5 and the corresponding accessories. The starting shot for pre-orders could be given soon.

Incidentally, Gamestop has already taken the first pre-orders. However, the shops are now closed due to the corona crisis. The PlayStation 5 will soon be available for pre-order under the link below:

Pre-order PS5 here at Gamestop *

Will the PS5 be postponed due to coronavirus?

Now, however, the question arises whether the PlayStation 5 can only be pre-ordered later and the release period will be postponed due to the pandemic associated with the corona virus.

It should be said that on the one hand the pre-orders could start later, while on the other hand the announced release period of the PlayStation 5 is not in danger . However, delivery bottlenecks should be expected, according to the forecast. For that reason alone, you should pre-order the console as soon as the pre-orders go live. In any case, some will have to wait for their console, especially since the number will be limited in the first year , as is also already known. However, according to recent reports, production is said to have increased massively .

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PS5: release period and cost

But when is the PS5 likely to appear? In the past, the Sony consoles were always released in November of the respective year – shortly before the Christmas business. It can be assumed that the PS5 will be released in November 2020 .

In addition, it is still unknown how much the PS5 will cost. But how high can the price be? Mark Cerny thinks that the recommended retail price should appeal to the buyers, so “considering the advanced features of the console”. Experts estimate the price at 449 euros to 499 euros . The new features mentioned could include the new DualSense Wireless Controller , which has new features to increase immersion.

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