Animal Crossing: How Does Dreaming Work In New Horizons? All information!

With the second big summer update, dreaming has finally found its way back into Animal Crossing: New Horizons . We explain to you how to use the new dream feature, what you need the snooze addresses for, how you share your island with the world and get a snooze address yourself.

What is slumbering for anyway? With the function you can not only give your characters a little break, but also visit the islands of other players in order to get some inspiration or designs as souvenirs. You can also share your island with the whole world.


  1. How to dream in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
  2. How do I make my own island available for dreaming?
  3. Where can I find my snooze address?
  4. What do I need for dreaming another island?
  5. What can I do in other New Horizons Islands?
  6. Where can I find cool snooze addresses?

How do I slumber in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

To be able to go to the land of dreams in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” at all, you first need an internet connection and an active membership on Nintendo Switch Online as well as the right piece of furniture: a bed . If you have already updated your game to version 1.4.0, a nice copy of Serenada will be in your mailbox if you haven’t owned one before.

Then you simply lie down in your bed and choose: Sleeping sounds good!

So you slumber on the island of your dreams. © Nintendo

Then you will encounter in a fluffy, nebulous dream world the Serenada known from earlier parts, which in Animal Crossing: New Leaf was always waiting for you in the slumber house . The self-proclaimed librarian of dreams asks you in this in-between world whether you want to go to other players’ islands in your sleep or whether you want to share your own home with the world.

Share your own dream island

How do I make my own island available for dreaming? If you find yourself in the intermediate world, you can choose to upload your own “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” island to the dream library. You also need an internet connection for this. If you share the dream version of your island, this also includes the following content:

  • Your name
  • Your passport entries
  • The look of your island
  • The rooms in houses
  • Own designs
  • Posts on the bulletin board

After successfully uploading your island to the dream library, you will receive your personal snooze address . It always begins with DA – .



Where can I find my snooze address? If you have misplaced it when you uploaded it for the first time, you will find the snooze address in your passport and on your card .

Note : Only the state of the island at the time of the upload is available. If you have revised your island, it must be updated and uploaded. However, this only works once a day .

Visit other dream islands

If you want to visit distant islands without having to get on the plane, you can also dream of other players’ islands.

What can i not do? However, you cannot take any items, tools, etc. there with you, and from there you cannot enter your New Horizons world. Actually logical, you are only “mentally” there.

What do I need for dreaming another island? To land on other islands you need an internet connection, Nintendo Switch Online and the slumber address of your dream island.

In your dream you land on the fairground of your destination island. You will return there to wake up in your own bed. © Nintendo

What can I do in other New Horizons Islands? The slumber visit to other players’ islands is primarily intended for inspiration and variety, which is why the opportunities to pass the time are quite limited. You can …

  • to visit a museum
  • Talk to residents
  • Enter residents’ houses
  • Retrieve designs on the design terminal
  • Pick up certain items
  • Collect and use tools
  • Walk across the island

How do I get back to my Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island? You wake up on the respective festival site of the selected snooze code island and can only return there by lying in bed.

You can take ideas and designs home with you from the foreign islands. © Nintendo

Where can I find cool snooze addresses?

If you don’t know which strange island you are going to and which slumber addresses you can use, get inspiration on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. Give this legend Address and at best, the abbreviation AcNH in the respective search bar of the platforms and then get some sleep codes that you can dream on pretty cool players Islands.


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