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In the big PS4 hit Ghost of Tsushima there are a number of legendary sword techniques that you can use in battle . In this guide we will introduce them to you and also explain how you can unlock them.

Table of contents of sword techniques:

  • Sky blow
  • Dance of anger
  • Way of the flame
  • Mind fighting stance

Guide: The legendary sword techniques in Ghost of Tsushima

This is followed by spoilers for “Ghost of Tsushima”!

Sky blow

Learn the sky strike as early as possible. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

What’s the skyfall? This mythical fighting technique is a fast, unblockable attack and not only causes great damage against an opponent, but can also frighten surrounding enemies, so that they flee from the fight.

When can I learn how to beat the sky? Very early on in the game. So complete the Sky Strike quest as early as possible .

You learn the sky strike in “Ghost of Tsushima” of the mythical story Der Himmelschlag in act I. It can be activated by the musician at the Komatsu forge, which is located southwest of the Golden Temple. Look out for the blue quest icon on the map that shows Mythical Tales .

Sky Strike is a strong, unblockable attack. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

At the end of the quest, a duel fight awaits you in which you use the legendary fighting technique for the first time and defeat the opponent with it. You can then use them in battles at any time.

How do I use Heaven’s Beat in combat? The use of the sky shock requires a Resolve point in the fight. You can activate the technique by simply pressing the square and triangle at the same time.

Dance of anger

In this mythical story you will learn the dance of anger. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

What is the dance of anger? The Dance of Wrath is a very useful sword technique in “Ghost of Tsushima” if you want to take on multiple enemies at the same time. Jin performs three quick, unblockable blows against up to three opponents that can instantly lead to death.

When do I learn this legendary fighting technique? To use this technique, you must complete the mythical story The Phantom of Yarikawa’s Revenge . You can find the starting point of the quest at the musician near the bridge in Old Yarikawa from Act II. Look out for the blue quest symbol on the map.



At the end of the quest, you face the Phantom of Yarikawa in a duel. There you use the dance of anger for the first time to bring down the enemy. You can then use this technique in combat at any time.

With the Dance of Anger you can bring down opponents immediately. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

How do I use the dance of anger in combat? The use of dance of anger requires three Resolve points. Press L1 and R1 at the same time in combat to activate this mythical art. Jin rushes towards the enemy, towards whom you tilt the joystick, and hits him with sword cuts until he is dead. In total, Jin executes three lightning-fast sword blows. If the opponent dies with the first or second blow, Jin storms to the next enemy and deals the remaining blows. In the best case scenario, you can assassinate up to three opponents immediately with a dance of anger attack.

Way of the flame

Climb the Jogaku Mountain and learn the fighting technique of the flaming sword. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

What is the way of the flame? Jin wets his sword with fuel oil and makes it burn. This inflicts additional damage on opponents and makes it easier to break through their defenses.

When do I learn this legendary fighting technique? This sword technique is only available from Act III in “Ghost of Tsushima”. Find the musician at the campfire southwest of Jogaku Mountain. In the subsequent mythical story The Immortal Flame (blue quest symbol) you have to climb the Jogaku Mountain. Jin can only survive in the cold for a short time, so you always have to get to the nearest campfire check point quickly to avoid freezing to death.

At the top of the mountain you will find a dojo that teaches the legendary sword art. But first you have to prove yourself in a duel with Bettomaru. In the fight you will use the flaming sword for the first time. Once the quest has been completed, you can use this technique at any time in combat.

You can ignite your sword with a special fighting technique. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

How do I use the path of the flame in battle? To ignite the sword in battle, fuel oil is necessary. Equip the fuel oil via R2 and then press the R1 button during combat. The inflammation lasts only temporarily.

Mind fighting stance

If you kill enough opponents without taking damage, you can activate the spirit fighting stance. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

What is the mind fighting stance? The spirit fighting stance is the legendary fifth fighting stance in the game. But it differs considerably from the other four fighting stances. Once activated, the battle slows down, the picture changes to black and white and Jin can temporarily kill any enemy immediately – no matter how heavily armored the enemy is.

When do I get this fighting stance? The spirit Battle Stance learned her in the Story Quest The spirit of Yarikawa in Act II. Speak for the appropriate time with Taka in Yarikawa Fortress to start the mission.

The mind-fighting posture makes you overpowering at times. © Sony Interactive Entertainment

How do I use the spirit fighting stance in combat? To activate the spirit fighting stance , you have to kill a Mongol leader from camouflage or seven enemies in a row without taking any damage yourself. The counter is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. If you upgrade the spirit armor , the required number of enemies can be reduced.

Once you’ve killed enough enemies, you can press L3 and R3 at the same time to activate the spirit fighting stance . The battle slows down and the picture becomes black and white. In this aggressive combat mode, you can kill three enemies with just a single sword blow.


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