How to share a PlayStation Network account on PS5

Would you like to share your digital purchases made on PS5 with another console but you don’t know how to do it? How to use one account on two Play Station 5? How to share a PlayStation Network account on PS5? Read here.

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The PS5 that is used to log in for the first time with your PSN account is automatically activated as the “Main” PS5. Furthermore, sharing your PSN account is an irreversible operation , as you can only perform the procedure once every 6 months. For this reason, be sure to perform the procedure on two fully functional PS5s. Also make sure that you do not in any way violate the Sony copyright laws in your country and the agreements and license to use the site ( which you can find on the site itself or by clicking here) before continuing to read, bearing in mind that your actions (in case of violation and the like) could have legal and moral consequences (including serious ones). I remind you that sharing an account with a friend is an action punishable by banning according to Sony guidelines. This guide is for PlayStation 5 owners who have two consoles and want to access purchased content on both consoles without having to repurchase the content twice . Do not share your account with friends and / or strangers! The procedure doesn’t work? Write to us by clicking here!

How to share a PlayStation Network account on PS5

Account sharing allows you to share all purchases from a single account with two Sony PS5 consoles: PlayStation Plus, digital games, themes, DLC etc.

In summary, you can share games with other compatible consoles but not with friends or other people. Also, you cannot share “one-time purchases” such as game credits (those used to purchase power ups in a single account when the game is already running, for example). There is no PlayStation Plus membership required nor is PS Plus required to activate your consoles as described in the guide.

To carry out the procedure you need:

  • Two PS5s(fully functional).
  • An active internet connectionon both consoles.
  • A primary and secondary account(a “donor” account [A] that will have made all the purchases and a “receiving” account [B] that will “collect” the purchases from the first account). Both users must be normal (not guest users!).

But let’s see how to do it together. Follow the steps in order :

1) From the “Settings” of the PlayStation 5 that purchased the games (or the PS Plus etc.), go to the “Users and accounts” menu (or similar item), then click on “Other” (or similar item). Finally, open the option “Console sharing and offline playback” (or similar item). Now you will have to “disable” this option in the console on which you do NOT want to “scrounge” the games. Basically you won’t have to set this PS5 as a “main” PS5 to make this “no scrounging” PS5 a “secondary” PS5.

Re-enabling the “Activate” button makes the PlayStation 5 “main “, with “Deactivate” it makes the PlayStation 5 ” secondary” . Activating a PS5 as the main system is an irreversible operation that can (usually) only be carried out once every 6 months from the same account . Only one PS5 per PSN account can be set as primary .

As you can read from the Sony guidelines: on the system that is activated as “main” all users share the purchased content between them. Furthermore, you can log in from a second console with the account with which you made the purchases and you can use the contents as long as you are connected to the internet with this account.

2) Activate the “scrounger” console as the “main”. Do it using the same procedure described in point 1) but this time use the account of those who did NOT buy the games (therefore connecting from 0 if necessary) and not the account of those who bought them. On “Console Sharing and Offline Play”, then make sure to click on “Activate” from the “Scroccone” account (in this way, the “Scroccona” PS5 will become the “main” PS5 of those who bought the games, but all the contents they will also be perfectly usable by the other “scroccone” account).

3) The procedure is complete. Now you can play with as many users as you want (even online with PS Plus!) On the PS5 that you have set this way as the main one and you can play on another console of your choice, directly (and only) from the account you bought digital games .

Some important things to remember

After carrying out the procedure, here are some basic tips to fully enjoy the functionality:

  • The account that bought the games, following this procedure, will be able to play the purchased games only if it is connected to the internet (console sharing and offline play only work on one PS5 console per account!).
  • If you still see a lock above the purchase icon, make sure you’ve downloaded the digital version of the game in question and make sure you’ve restarted your modem / router and PS5. Also make sure you have updated your PS5 system and game. Finally, make sure you always have an active internet connection.
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