The number of rak’ats of Tarabee praye

Is Tarabi ( Tarabi ) Prayer a rak’at , or 20 rak’ats? According to the Sunnah, the Tarabi prayer is the rak’at. Shaykh Albani Rahimahullah says in the book “Alkbium wa Taraweeh” that the Tarabi prayer is rak’at. Now some people pray in the mosques where the rak’at tarabi is recited. And some people pray in the mosques where 20 rak’ats of Tarabi are recited. Here in the United States, it has become a sensitive massage. He who reads that rak’at Tarabi condemns the recipient of the twenty rak’ats prayer. Again, the one who reads 21 rak’ats of Tarabi condemns the one who offered the rak’at prayer. A temptation has arisen over it. Even in the mosque, twenty rak’ats of Tarabi are recited. Then why is the prohibition against the Sunnah being practiced in the mosque and the mosque in the mosque? Why do they pray in the mosque and the twenty rak’ats of Tarabi in the mosque?

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We do not think it is appropriate for a Muslim to behave sensitively on the issues of the Ijtihad based on the scholars. The conflict between the Muslims and the conduct of the trials was asked about a man who rahimahullahake hayasaikha bin uchaimina the imam prays Witr with 10 prayed Taraaweeh prayer’ve been waiting for, the remaining Taraaweeh prayers with the imam does not read, he said: “It is very Regrettably, we see a group within the Muslim Ummah who has a disagreement over things that have different opportunities. Do. They make this difference of opinion the cause of the separation of hearts. There were differences among the people even in the time of the Companions, but their hearts were still united. Therefore, it is the duty of the Dwellers, especially the youth-society, to remain united. Because the enemies are sitting on the floor trying to trap them. ” [Ash-Sharhul Mumti ‘(1222)]

The two sides are exaggerated about this masala. The people of the first party who read more than 3 rak’ats of the rak’at completely rejected the practice and called it a bidat. And the second-party people, who are confined to just Raqqa, deny the practice: they are defying Ijma.

Let us listen to the advice of Shaykh ibn Uchhaymin Rahimullah , and say: In this case we will say: There is no need for excess or relaxation. Some have strongly condemned the Sunnah, saying: It is unacceptable to increase the number in Sunnah. The person who reads more of that number is strongly opposed to it and says that he is a sinner and a transgressor.

There is no doubt that this view is wrong. How would a person be a sinner or a transgressor where the Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked about the night prayer (Qiyamul Lail), he said: “Two rak’ats are two rak’ats.” He did not specify a number. It is well known that the companion who asked the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about the night prayer did not know the number of night prayers. Because the one who does not know the method of prayer, he is unaware of the number of rak’ats. And he was not even the servant of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that we should say that – he knew what was the inner workings of the Prophet’s house. Since the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not assign any number to the Companion, he only mentioned the method of prayer, and it was revealed that The matter is open. So, if one wishes, he can perform the prayer of the rak’at Tarabi and the prayer of that rak’at.

And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said : “Pray as you see me praying.”  [Bukhari Volume 1: 1, Al-Madani Publications]

The provisions of this hadeeth are not general; Not even to those in power. Therefore, they do not say it is obligatory for a person to recite 1 rak’at, once 3 rak’ats, and other times for that rak’at. If we take this hadith in general, then we should say that it is obligatory to pray for the ritual at least once in 3 rak’ats, sometimes 3 rak’ats and sometimes 3 rak’ats. Rather, the purpose of the prayer is to explain the method of prayer by the hadith in “Make prayer as you see me praying” ; The rak’ats of Salat are not numbers. However, it is a different matter if you find any other document that specifies the number of rak’ats.

However, no one should be pressured into matters about which the Shari’ah has wide scope. The point has been made that, as we have seen, some brothers exaggerate on the fact that the Imams who perform Tarabi prayers for more than 3 rak’ats, insist on bid’ah and leave the mosque (after 5 rak’ats). By doing so they were deprived of the reward of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). He says:  “The person who recites Qiyamul Lail (night prayer) with the Imam until the Imam ends his prayers will be offered the whole night prayer.” [The hadeeth is described by Tirmizi (1) and ‘Al-Hahi al-Tahmiyyah (1) as the Al-Hani Hadith].

Many of the people in this class sit for the rak’at ritual; As a result, the queue is broken. Sometimes they speak; This disrupts the prayer of the Muslims. We have no doubt that they are good and in this case they are mujtahid; But not all mujtahid reached the right conclusions.

And the second party is the complete opposite of the first. Those who want to restrict Tarabi in that rak’at strongly oppose them and say that you have left Ijma ‘. However, Allah says: “And whoever disobeys the Messenger after the truth has been revealed to him and follows the path of the believers, I will lead him to the path to which he turns, and I will enter him in hell.” And what a bad return it is. ” [An-Nisa, 4: 1]

They say that only those who have passed before you know only 20 rak’ats. Then they started fierce opposition from the opposition. That’s wrong [Ashar-ul-Moomati (5/1-7)]

The document which gives those who believe in the prayer of the Tarabi more than that rak’at is that the hadith of Abu Salamah ibn Abdur Rahman, so that he asked Ayesha (Radiallahu Anha): “What was the prayer of the Prophet in Ramadan?” He said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not earn more than that rak’at during Ramadan or outside Ramadan. He used to pray that rak’at – do not question its beauty and length (that is, it would have been so nice and long). After that he would pray for five more rak’ats – he would not question the beauty and length of it (ie it would have been so nice and long). After that he used to pray that rak’at. I used to say: “O Messenger of Allah! Will you go to sleep before the break? ” He would say: “O Aisha! My eyes do not sleep even when two sleep. ” [Hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari (1) and Imam Muslim (3)]

They said: This hadith indicates that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to pray regularly during Ramadan and at night during Ramadan. The scholars contradict the document with this hadith, saying that this hadith is the act of the Prophet (peace be upon him). But it cannot be justified by any act.

And one of the clearest documents in the statement that the night prayer (including the Tarabi prayer) is not specified in any number is that the hadith of Ibn ‘Umar (ra): “A man asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about the night prayer. The Messenger of Allah () said:  “The night prayer is two rak’ats, two rak’ats. If any of you fears that Fajr prayer, he should perform another rak’ah prayer. In order that this rak’at will be reduced (unmatched) to the number previously collected. ” [Hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari (1) and Imam Muslim (3)]

Looking at the views of the scholars of various accepted jurists, it is clear that there is wide scope in this regard. There is nothing wrong with reading more rak’at tarabi of rak’at.

According to al-Imam al-Asarqasi, the Hanafi madhhab, we say that the Tarabi is 20 rak’ats without the ritual .  [Almabsut (2/3)]

Ibn Qudamah said: ” Tarabi is the rak’at for Abu-Abdullah, ie Imam Ahmad (RA). According to this there are Imam Chawri, Imam Abu-Hanifah and Imam Shafei. And Imam Malik says: “Tarbeeh is the rak’at.” [Alumni (1/4)]

Imam Nabawi says: “According to the scholars of the scholars, it is circumcision to recite Tarabi prayer. And our Maghhab is the prayer of Tarabi in twenty-five rak’ats. It is permissible to study alone, and to study with the church. ” [Almazmoo (1/4)]

This is the opinion of four scholars regarding the number of rak’ats in the Tarabi prayer. All of them said that they read more than that rak’at. Probably the reason why they said they read more than that rak’at is:

(3)  They found that the hadith of Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) does not determine a specific number.

(2)  Many of the earlier Companions and Tabeys have described the reading of more than 3 rak’ats in Arabic. [Al-Mughni (2/3) and Al-Majmu (1/12)]

(3)  The rak’at that the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to pray for so long would take all night. It also happened that one night the Prophet (peace be upon him) ended his prayer with his Companions shortly before Fajr. Even the disciples feared they could not eat Sehri. The Companions loved to pray behind the Messenger of Allah (।) and it did not seem long for them. But the scholars have noticed that if the Imam prays for such a long time, it will be difficult for the Muslims. Which could turn them away from the Tarabi prayer. So they decided to reduce the recitation and increase the number of rak’ats.

The essence is that one who reads the rak’at prayer in the manner described by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is good and Sunnah is observed in it. And the one who shortens the recitation and increases the number of rak’ats is good. Whoever does any of these two has nothing to condemn.

Shaykh-ul-Islam bin Taimiyyah says:  “Who according to Imam Abu Hanifah, Shafi’i, and Ahmad performed the rak’at of Tarabi for twenty rak’ats, or according to Imam Malik’s prayer, they performed the rak’at al-Tarabi, or every one or two rak’ats of Tarabi. As such, Imam Ahmad used to maintain such a lack of clear guidance. Therefore, the number of rak’ats will be more or less in proportion to the length or length of recitation. ” [Al-Ikhtiyarat, page 1]

As-Suyuti says:  “Many saheeh and Hassan hadiths have been mentioned in Ramadan by ordering qiyaam and night prayers and encouraging it. No numbers were specified in this case. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not say that he had read the twenty rak’ats of Tarabi. Instead, he prayed at night. But the number of rak’ats he has received is not mentioned. Then late on the fourth night, fearing that the prayer of Tarabi might be imposed upon them, his Ummah would be unable to perform it. ”

Ibn Hazar Hissami says: “There is no correct description from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about the prayer of Tarabir in twenty-two rak’ats. And what is stated about this: “He used to pray twenty rak’ats; It is very triumphant (weak). ” [Al-Ma’usah al-Fikbiyyah (29/2-3)]

Therefore, brother of questioning, you should not be surprised that Tarabi’s prayer is Rakat. Because before this the Imams did not observe it after generation after generation. And all of them have good welfare.


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