Waking Up For Fajr Prayer;5 Effective Techniques

Waking Up For Fajr Prayer.In Islam, getting up at dawn is highly recommended and has many virtues. The command to wake up at dawn for worship has been listed in various verses of the Quran and the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wa ‘alayhi wa Salam. Not only good for the spiritual, getting up at dawn is also good for physical health because the morning air is still clean and has not been touched by pollution so it is healthy for the body.

Those of us who try to pray regularly, all of our prayers are ok but we have some problems with ‘Fajr prayer’. Many do not even try to wake up in the morning. How to solve this problem? I’m not just talking about two days, I’m talking about everyday. Let’s know some effective strategies for this.

Some Effective Techniques For Waking Up For Fajr Prayer

Dear brothers and sisters, when we recite Surah Al-Fatiha daily, at least 3 times a day, we also recite this verse: ” We worship only you and pray only for your help.” ”[ Surah Al-Fatihah ]

Do we really want to worship God? “Sure!” Do you also want God’s help? “Hmm!” Want to wake up for Fajr prayer again? “Yes, brother!” But why can’t we? Because we lack sincerity in our demands. Have you ever had the feeling that at the moment you go to sleep, you must wake up for Fajr prayer or sleep more that day than you already knew? Try to imagine two of the scenarios below. I think we have all experienced this kind of thing.

Some Effective Techniques For Waking Up For Fajr Prayer

Scenario: 1

Your heart is full of faith, you have read the passage, recited some Qur’an and even though you have only two hours to sleep till dawn, you are sure to wake up. Because you have prepared your mind, heart and body. He even woken up at midnight, fearing to miss the Salat after passing the occasional prayers. If you have never encountered such an incident, think of a time when you had to catch a bus or train early in the morning. And think of how your mind, heart, and body were alert. Maybe it was too late to wake up for a bus or a train.

Scenario: 2

There may be days in your life that you really want to sleep more. For which you plan to ‘sleep extra’ in advance. Yet you’re awake, and then the battle with ‘Snooze Alarm’ and the devil’s tactics, “just five minutes …”

One of these two scenes describes the scene as ‘you must wake up’, and the other scenario describes the kind of mentality that you cannot wake up to. Because your heart does not want it, and you are not ready to take on the challenge of waking up in the morning fighting the devil. Below I am describing some strategies that will help you to achieve success like Scenario 3: Insha Allah.

Spiritual strategy For Waking Up For Fajr Prayer

3)  Knowing God: This is the key to waking up for Fajr prayer and the number one strategy. If you know who you are worshiping, and you know that He wants you to wake up in the morning and worship Him, then you will wake up! Our lack of knowledge of who God is is what drives us to the scene. So know your Lord, and this is your key.

2)  Sincerity: Be sincere about waking up for Fajr prayer. Don’t just say to yourself, ‘If I can get up in Fajr, then it will be good’, but sincerely say, ‘Insha Allah, I will wake up during Fajr prayer!’

5) Doing Oooz before going to sleep : The Messenger of Allah (।) said to Ibn ‘A’ib: ” When you go to bed, you will do the same as the obligatory prayers. “[Muslim: 3]

3)  Prayer and Prayer: Do not sleep without getting Prayer Prayer, and pray to Allah during Prayer Prayer so that He will help you to wake up.

3 )  Recite the Little Qur’an: The end of the day with the Holy Book al- Qur’an will definitely register your attention towards waking up for Fajr prayer. The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) advised to recite Surah al-Sajdah and Surah al-Mulkat (Surah 12 and 9) before going to sleep.

3)  Remember Allah before going to sleep: This is only part of the first point I have mentioned . And this is where you will tell all your prayers to God. You can print or use two books to read the first two. But within a week or two, both of them will be insha Allah. And read them regularly before you fall asleep.

3) Remember the rewards announced for those who offered the prayer of Fajr: Survival of the hypocrites, the light of the Last Judgment, the security of God all day, the slowness of life, the work of remembrance – Insha Allah will wake you.

In addition to the other techniques that will help you to wake up for Fajr prayer, these are:

Some Effective Techniques For Waking Up For Fajr Prayer

  • Askfriends or family members to wake up: Tell other family members or friends to wake you up. And help one another. If you wake up earlier, then, instead of being selfish, arouse others.
  • The rule of sleeping for one and a half (1.5) hours:One secret strategy is to inform you that there is a theory in sleep science that says that every person completes a full cycle of his sleep in one and a half hours. So if you can wake up to one and a half (1.5 hours) multiplication (ie 1.5 hours, 5 hours or 1.5 hours, etc.), you will be refreshed and refreshed. Otherwise, you will remain slimy. So if the morning prayer is five o’clock in the morning, and you are sleeping at twelve o’clock, you must give your alarm at four and a half. Because, it allows you to sleep for four and a half hours (of course, if you need time to get to sleep, you can adjust it).
  • Give a little rice sleep at noon:Another technique, taken from the advice of Sunnah and many, is to give a little rice sleep after eating. Just half an hour’s sleep will make you feel awake.

Try to follow the techniques, Insha Allah you will succeed.

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5 The Virtues of Waking Up For Fajar in Islam

Angels Pray for People in the Morning

The Messenger of Allah said, ” Each morning two angels descend. One prayed: “O Allah, grant those who give up their inheritance.” The other angel prayed: “O Allah, inflict damage (destruction) on the property which he holds (in possession) .” (Mutafaqun’alaih)

2. Wake up at dawn Then prayer will make you excited and happy

The Apostle said, ” Satan made three bonds in the nape (neck of the back) of one of you while sleeping. In every bondage the devil will say, “The night is still long, go to sleep!” If he wakes up and remembers Allah, release one bond. Then if he performs his ablution, release one more tie. Then if he does the prayer, release the last bond. In the morning he will be excited and happy. If he does not do this, he is not cheerful and becomes lazy . ” (Narrated by Bukhari no. 1142 and Muslim no. 776)

3. When the Opening Door of Sustenance

When the Prophet returned from dawn prayer from the Prophet’s Mosque and found his daughter named Fatimah still in a state of sleep. So he said : ” O my son, wake up, witness the fortune of your Lord and do not be among those who are negligent, because Allah gives sustenance to His servants between the dawn rises and the sun rises. (Reported by Imam Ahmad and Al-Bayhaqi)

4. Get forgiveness from all sins

The Messenger of Allah said, ” Whoever enters the morning, he does not intend to wrong someone, is forgiven for all sins. And anyone who enters the morning intends to help those who are persecuted and meet the needs of Muslims, then for him the reward is like the reward of the hajj Mabrur. “(Hadith quoted in Nashoihul ‘Ibad, by Shaykh Nawawi)

5. Get Blessings from Allah

The Messenger of Allah said, ” Blessings for my people flow in their early morning ” (HR Ath Thabrani in Al Ausath) and “The two rak’ahs of the morning prayer are better than the world and their contents “. (HR Muslim – Ahmad)

Commands to worship at dawn

In the Koran there are various verses that encourage Muslims to wake up at dawn and worship.

” And say (the name of) your Lord in your heart by humbling yourself and fear, and by not turning up the voice, in the morning and evening, and do not be among those who are negligent. (Qur’an, verse 205)

” Establish prayer from after the sun slips to dark night and (establish prayer too) at dawn. In fact the dawn prayer was witnessed (by angels). “(Qur’an, verse 78)

” So be patient for what they say, and glorify by praising your Lord, before the sun rises and before sunset and also glorify at times at night and at times during the day, so that you feel happy, ” (QS. Thaahaa verse 130)

” So be patient, for indeed the promise of God is true, and ask forgiveness for your sins and glorify while praising your Lord in the evening and morning. (Qur’an, verse 55)

” Glorify Allah in the mosques that have been ordered to be glorified and called His name in them, in the morning and evening, ” (QS. An Nuur verse 36)

” So be patient with what they say and glorify while praising your Lord before the sun rises and before it sets. (Qur’an, verse 39)

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