What are the top five marketing control techniques in a business?

Welcome again! All companies implement different digital marketing strategies to be successful when offering products or services in the market. However, to stay in the race, companies also need various marketing control techniques . Later in this new post we will talk about the different methods to control these marketing strategies

What are the Five Main Marketing Control Techniques in a Company?

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  1. Depth investigation
  2. Do tests or trials before launching a product on the market
  3. Measures to evaluate strategies
  4. Pricing strategies
  5. Promotions

Depth investigation

Without a doubt, one of the main marketing control techniques of a company is market research. This is based on the process of collecting and analyzing consumer data to determine whether the products or services will meet the needs of the public.

This is essential, since from this, each company will be able to improve the quality of services or products, introduce something new in the market and of course see certain projections regarding the profitability of the product offered.

It should be noted that this can be done before or after the launch of a service or product on the market. To make it clearer, we have the following example: a company that manufactures cleaning products, which has just launched a detergent that after a certain time did not have a significant impact on the market. In this case, the company must collect consumer opinions to understand why the product was not successful.

Do tests or trials before launching a product on the market

This is an important point that should be taken into account by any company that wants to promote and sell a new product on a large scale . Testing a new product using small groups of consumers to analyze the sensations and impact with the public is one way for companies to know if it is worth investing in the large-scale production of such a product.

In other words, if a company takes a risk with a new product and markets it massively without first having done a trial, it is practically jumping into the abyss blindly. In case it goes wrong and the product is not accepted by consumers, then the company will have lost a large amount of money almost in vain.

It is a very big risk that no company wants to take, due to the consequences that this decision can have both in the long and short term, especially in the financial part.

Measures to evaluate strategies

Currently, the directors of the digital marketing department must be attentive to all the strategies used to market products or services . Usually they are based on the number of sales, market share, interaction, advertising on social networks and of course all these statistics are compared with the numbers of the competition.

On the other hand, it is important to calculate the profits obtained from the investment made, to know if it was successful or not. It should be noted that all this exhaustive analysis is carried out to improve both the products and the way they are marketed in the market.

Pricing strategies

As we well know, the market is not static but quite the opposite, for which companies must constantly adjust certain aspects of their products , including the price. While it is true that companies seek to maintain profitability, this cannot always be maintained, as sometimes the price of products is subject to external factors.

For example, if your competition makes extreme markdowns, your company may need to do the same to stay competitive and not fall behind. But if production costs rise steeply then companies will have to adjust prices so that the product continues to generate profits.


Finally, companies must do everything possible to make their products very attractive to the consumer and thus increase sales significantly. That is, companies seek to earn money promoting products . For example, the fact of offering several products at the same price for a limited time or the typical ‘take two and pay one’.

This marketing control technique is widely used to attract the attention of customers and thus increase both popularity and sales.


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