Non-material gifts

We have all had to give a gift to someone we care about, but we don’t always find the perfect option. This happens because we do not want to disappoint, and that is why we seek to make a non-original material gift , which is not expected and which will always be remembered.


  • Non-material gifts
    • Original Intangible Gift: Personalized Song
    • Adventure sports as a non-material gift
    • Give an intangible gastronomic experience
    • A trip for the most curious
    • Give shows
    • In case it was not enough … song + personalized video
    • Video-message for someone who is far away

Non-material gifts

We have compiled in the same list several non-material gifts
that promise to leave a mark, so… jump into the pool with emotions because the best gifts are not material!

Original Intangible Gift: Personalized Song

Do you want to excite that special person with a gift that they will never forget? A song personalized by you, adapting the lyrics to your story will be a detail that you will always carry with you. At Singerfy you have songs for all reasons : birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, to say “I love you”, etc. Choose the singer’s gender and musical style and surprise with a unique, original and totally personalized gift.

Intangible gift for your partner

Intangible Gift for Birthday

Immaterial Birthday Gift for your Father

Intangible Birthday Gift for your Mother

Immaterial Birthday Gift for Children

Intangible Gift for a Birth

Adventure sports as a non-material gift

If strong emotions are your thing, there are numerous activities that will surprise you (from low to high intensity): paintball, horse riding, diving, hot air ballooning, skydiving, bungee jumping… In addition, you can live that adventure together.

Give an intangible gastronomic experience

It is always a good idea to give a breakfast, lunch or dinner, whether in a restaurant, in a house with a more intimate atmosphere or a picnic if the weather is good. For the most exquisite, you can also opt for a wine or beer tasting, you are sure to love it!

A trip for the most curious

Visiting a new place, changing the scene and above all, living that experience together will be an unforgettable gift. Also, if you want to surprise even more, choose a theme park as your destination and… enjoy like never before!

Give shows

If you are a person who loves culture , a movie, theater, musical or concert ticket by an artist that you like will make you especially excited. If you are looking for something different , a magic show will be surprising, you can comment on all the tricks and share a special moment.

In case it was not enough … song + personalized video

If you liked the idea of ​​the song, imagine listening to it with a video of photos or small clips of that person to whom you are giving the gift. A dedication can also be included, so you can tell her how special she is to you. It will be an unforgettable gift!

Video-message for someone who is far away

If you know of someone important to that person who has not seen for a long time because they live far away, try to contact him / her. Ask him to record a short video . In it, you can talk about your relationship and the moments lived, also if it is for your birthday it will be a very original greeting. When you see it you will be very excited and you will feel very special. It can be included in the personalized video , since together with the song it will be an indelible memory.

We hope that our advice has served you, do you already know what you are going to surprise him with? Let us know ! Your answers help other people, and we are delighted to read you.


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