How to activate the ‘Material Desing’ design in Firefox

Material Design is a theme created for the Google Chrome browser, to give a different visual aspect to the toolbars and navigation. With this in mind, Mozilla Firefox decided to release its own version for its browser , but under the name ‘MaterialFox’.

It is one of the few browsers that in its most recent updates allows almost complete customization, this theme will help to give a change to its visual appearance , in which you can give the address bar a round appearance and a tool appearance to the toolbar icons, in this post we will show you how to activate it, to give your browser a new look.

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  1. What are the benefits of using this browser look?
  2. Procedure to add the Material Design design to your device
    1. In the computer
    2. On your mobile phone
  3. What other factors can we customize the Firefox browser?
    1. In the general panel
    2. In the home panel
    3. With the search panel
    4. Sync panel

What are the benefits of using this browser look?

If the user feels uncomfortable or gets bored with the classic design of this browser, we can choose this theme or other themes to give it a more personal touch. One benefit that this type of theme has in terms of visual appearance is the change in the appearance of the address bars and tabs, from being a square design to a rounder and more visually pleasing design.

Procedure to add the Material Design design to your device

To be able to obtain this type of theme on certain devices such as the computer, we will have to go to the web page, Github, where we download the file in zip format, and then install it, while on other devices such as the mobile phone, the process is different . In order to activate it on your respective device, we will do the following:

In the computer

After having downloaded the zip file from the page, we will proceed to the following so that the theme is activated in the computer version:

  • In the folder where it was decided to place the file, we will select the file to extract the information from it, it is advisable to use the extraction tool that the Windows system or third parties such as WinRar have incorporated .
  • After selecting the tool, we will proceed to click on ‘Browse’, to be able to locate the file in a new folder
  • In the box that appears at the bottom, click so that when the process ends, the file explorer opens. Click on Extract.
  • We go to the Firefox profiles folder, in the file explorer, we can also access this folder through the same browser, placing the address about: support in the address bar.
  • In the Firefox – Chrome profile folder, we will click on the userChrome.css folder,and edit it, through a text editor.
  • There we will copy the information from the userChrome.css folder found in the ‘MaterialFox’ file, we will copy and paste the information. To avoid the loss of some type of editing that was done before in the browser.
  • We save the information and close the window, we will be able to enter the browser and view the new topic.

On your mobile phone

In order to give a different visual appearance to the Mozilla Firefox mobile phone application with a theme, we will do the following steps:

  • We go to the application settings menu, in the upper or lower corner, the ‘Menu’ button, then ‘Tools’, and ‘Add-ons’
  • In the add-ons menu, in the orange folder, which is in the upper corner, click on ‘Themes’.
  • We will be able to visualize the featured, popular topics, or if you want a specific one, click on ‘Categories’
  • The theme can be tested, or we can install them all at once, by pressing the ‘Maintain’ button.
  • Upon download, Firefox will announce ‘Added to Firefox’ and you will be able to view the theme.

What other factors can we customize the Firefox browser?

These factors include:

In the general panel

In this section we can select if we want Firefox to be our default search engine, how the tabs open, the type of fonts, color and language, see the DRM content of the browser , among other options.

In the home panel

In this panel, we can choose what we want to see on the home page, or if we want it to be like a new tab, select a default page, such as selecting the content to be viewed, such as ‘Mozilla News’, among other settings .

With the search panel

In this section is where we will get the settings of the default search engine of our browser in which we can keep or change it , as well as other search engines .

Sync panel

This panel is where we establish or manage the user’s Firefox account, which we require to be able to access certain services that Mozilla offers you, such as Sync with other devices.

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