How To Plan A Birthday Party

How To Plan A Birthday Party.Throwing A surprise party for someone you care about isn’t always easy to organize. It may be for your best friend, your partner, your brother … but the intention is always the same: to surprise and excite that person.

In this post we give you some tips to have a perfect surprise birthday party .

The preparations

  1. First of all, think about the person who has a birthday, their tastes, hobbies, friends … Gathering information is essential to get a perfect party. Also, if you like a series, movie or a music group, you can focus the party on it.
  2. However, the most important thing is the company . Get in touch with your best friends or important people in your life that you haven’t seen for a long time. I’m sure you’re looking forward to seeing you all!
  3. After the guest list, it is essential to find a good place to host the party. It depends on the number of people you are and the budget, there are different options: a bar / restaurant that closes for you, an outdoor space such as a beach or a park, or if someone has a house with a terrace or garden (if they have pool included, better) is also a great idea.
  4. Another aspect to consider is the decoration . If you want your party to be special and unforgettable, you can decorate the place with photos of the birthday boy or girl, photos of her childhood, with friends, with the family … When she sees them she will be very excited. And as we have already mentioned, if the party is going to have a specific theme, decoration is key. If, for example, you are a big Harry Potter fan, set the scene to look like Hogwarts: brooms, wands, capes … Even if it is held outdoors, you can organize a Quidditch game , it will be magical!
  5. And last but not least, the food . It depends on the time of day: lunch, snack, dinner … but above all, what you cannot miss is your favorite dish. For this type of party, it is usual to put snacks: sausage, potatoes, tortilla skewers, saladitos … And to blow out the candles, do not forget the cake. Also, if you want to make a difference, you can choose international meals; It offers sushi, Mexican tacos or an Argentine barbecue.

The day of the party

With all of the above ready, everything indicates that the surprise party is going to go perfectly, but there is no need to leave any loose nails.

  • The hook : for the birthday boy or girl to arrive at their party without knowing anything, a person must act as a hook. She will be the one to distract you while everything is being prepared and who will accompany you to the place. Previously you have had to think of an excuse to guide you to the party, you cannot suspect anything! If this goes well, the surprise is guaranteed.
  • Surprise during the party : To make that moment unforgettable, add more emotion by projecting a video with photos. In addition, you can accompany the video with a personalized song to congratulate the birthday . It will be a detail that you will never forget and that will put the finishing touch to the party.
  • During the party, different activities can be organized so that the guests and the protagonist of that day have fun like never before. If they like to sing, take the opportunity and organize a karaoke or a “Sing star” competition. If you prefer to move the skeleton, the space can be enabled for there to be a dance floor.

Thus, the success of the party is guaranteed. Now, we can only wish you luck so that your birthday party surprises that special person .

If we have missed any advice or idea , you can write it in the comments and we will add it. We love hearing your opinion!


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