Tech gifts: guide to purchasing the essentials under the tree

The technological devices, as we know, are the most desired. Surprise effect, entertainment and usefulness: here is the lucky mix of elements that explains this phenomenon. At Christmas, then, gifts become important and technology simply cannot be missing under the tree. Smartphonenotebooktablet TVspeaker: here are just some of the most coveted products. But in our special guide there really is room for everything and, precisely to offer a 360-degree look at the entire sector, we have identified 13 categories, including 3 of the most interesting articles of the moment for each.

Tech gifts: guide to purchasing the essentials under the tree


If technology is the reference category at Christmas, smartphones< a i=4> are the beating heart of it. For those looking for a complete mid-range, Samsung has the right answer. We are talking about the Galaxy A54 5G, a product as refined in its software as it is refined in its design. Powered by respectable hardware, it features a bright 6.4” Super AMOLED display and a very good triple rear camera. Still in the Android sphere, Motorola RAZR 40 is the real gamechanger when it comes to foldables. Sold at an aggressive price, it offers a different experience that is satisfying thanks to the good construction and the general responsiveness< /span> is the top of the range in a compact version. Powered by the new A17 Pro processor and enriched by the evocative Dynamic Island, it introduces the fully customizable Action button on the side.iPhone 15 Pro and a small external display to always keep an eye on notifications and calls. Let’s end on a high with Apple’s latest and most powerful smartphone. 144 Hz main OLED panel. Beautiful and robust, it sports a

(Data updated as of November 2023 and subject to change over time)


Hand in arm with the smartphone, it is the smartwatch to dictate the rhythm of our days, encouraging us to move and control the progress of our heart. For those looking for a robust and reliable model, we recommend Amazfit GTR 4. Unbeatable in terms of quality-price ratio, it features aprecise GPS and many activities to choose from. At home Garmin, however, it is the Vivoactive 5 that stands out in the mid-range thanks to a successful combination of design, lightness and comfort.

Equipped with a nice 1.2″ AMOLED display, it also features ANT+ connectivity for connection to a heart rate monitor. Lastly, to wear one of the best devices ever on your wrist is Apple Watch Series 9< at i=22> the reference point. At the top from every point of view, it pairs with the smartphone to offer accurate monitoring of our general health, both during sport and during relaxation and sleep. Offered in many attractive colours, it is also available in a cellular configuration for calling and browsing without the need for a smartphone.


Designed for entertainment and professional use, the tablet is the ultimate multimedia hub at home and on the go. Now in its third generation, Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is one of the reference models within 200 euros. Refined in design, it features a bright and defined 2K panel and, on the audio side, it amazes thanks to 2 powerful speakers with Dolby Atmos support. Even if you opt for a Samsung tablet, satisfaction is guaranteed. And among the most recent products from the Seoul giant, Galaxy Tab S9 FE amazes with its quality in relation to the price.

The latest addition to the FE family that aims to satisfy the demands of Samsung fans, it is a for the home and office, complete with panel to deliver stunning images. Apple M2 chip, ultra-fast connectivity and solid battery life: here is the identikit of the best in the class.Liquid Retina XDR is the biggest surprise under the tree. A 360-degree work machine, it takes advantage of the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ 6th generation. Finally, for those looking for the best in the professional field, S Pen includedmuscular all-rounder


Personal needs guide the purchase of the notebook. And to satisfy a wide audience of technology lovers, we have chosen three rather different models. We’re off to a good start with Asus VivoBook Pro 16 OLED K6602VV, one of the best notebooks around with 16 format OLED screen :10. Compact and lightweight despite the 16″ diagonal, it is powered by the powerful Intel Core i9-13900H chip. Equally versatile, Apple MacBook Air M2 brings the screen to 15” but maintains top performance. Suitable for entertainment as well as demanding workloads, it creates the perfect combination of design, build quality and intuitiveness. Finally, in the gaming field, MSI Katana 15 performs very well in relation to the price. Excellent portable gaming machine, it does not miss a precise backlit keyboard complete with RGB LEDs and the fast GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060.

PC Desktop

It is the All in One PC that dominate the current Desktop PC market . Aesthetically pleasing, they integrate the hardware into the display, representing a practical and compact solution. This is the case of the Dell OptiPlex 7410, a desktop PC with a large 24-inch Full HD monitor.  but is also widely appreciated by graphic designers, animators and filmmakers. Accompanied by mid-to-high-end NVIDIA GPUs, it copes well even with the latest and most demanding titles.

Also carefully designed, it offers a generous supply of doors and entrancesgaming lovers is dedicated to HP Victus 15L. For the more nostalgic, here is finally a Desktop PC with a traditional tower profile. M2 chip to always carry around, combining it with an external monitor, mouse and keyboard. Small but powerful, it has a top-level engine in Apple’s pocket-sized mini computer is a Apple Mac mini M2. Embellished with the Windows 11 Pro operating system, it moves well both at home and in the office. Available in many configurations, it is powered by thirteenth generation Intel Core CPUs. With a very different approach,


Large or compact, laser or inkjet: the choice of printer depends greatly on the type of use to which we will subject it. For those looking for a product to place on the desk, Epson Expression Home XP-2200 is the right solution. Entry-level inkjet printer, performs scans and copies without problems, even double-sided. All with the convenience of Wi-Fi connection. When the pages increase in number, laser printers are the most recommended. HP LaserJet M140we, for example, is a monochrome model that condenses into a compact body, many advanced functions, including printing from a smartphone via theHP Smart app. All this while ensuring up to 20 pages per minute. And we conclude with a printer also suitable for the office. Also of the laser type, Xerox C315 performs high-quality color prints and copies. But he doesn’t miss out on the scanner and fax. Enriched by a large 4.3″ touch LCD display, it holds up to 250 sheets of paper divided into two trays.


The hub of home entertainment, the smart TV offers endless possibilities thanks to the streaming of high-impact content and images optimized with the < /span> a>Dolby Atmos which increase immersion thanks to 60 watt speakers, it uses artificial intelligence to optimize the images and features Refined aesthetics performs even better, one of the best around. Available in 55, 65, 77 and 83 inch formats, it is an explosion of color at the service of entertainment.

LG OLED G3 OS, It offers excellent images in terms of contrast, brightness and black rendering. Tizen chip and the proprietary Neural Quantum 4K model is the point of reference. Enhanced by the snappy S90C, the Samsung, the competition becomes fierce. At home from LED to OLED technology which expands immersion by projecting colored lights on the wall behind the screen. Also powerful on the audio side, it puts 40 watts of sound at the service. Moving Ambilight enhanced by Mini LED display, a television with Philips PML9008. This is the case, for example, of the HDR

Console gaming

Christmas is the right occasion for weighty gifts. And for video game enthusiasts, there is no better surprise than a latest generation gaming console. The usual heavyweights are competing: NintendoMicrosoft and < /span>Xbox Series a> it has created a more compact, lighter and cheaper model. Xbox Series S. While with which has the most powerful console ever in its catalogue: Microsoft , has forcefully entered the next-gen. High-performance and extravagant in design, they are machines that share the innovative DualSense controller. Completing the triad is PS5 digital edition and standard PS5which, with Sony , the evolved version of the console that won over the public thanks to a unique approach. Portability and fun exclusives: here is the identikit of a global success. Also focusing decisively on exclusives is Nintendo Switch OLED, each with their own latest models. From Japan comes Sony

Speaker wireless

Listening to music has no limits anymore with Bluetooth speakersspeakers that combine power and portability to play audio content anywhere. Among the many devices on the market, let’s start with a speaker with an incredible quality-price ratio. Sony SRS-XB100 is one of the most recent models of the Japanese company, a monster of power with ultra-compact dimensions. Can be combined with a second device to create the stereo effect, offering balanced and satisfying audio. For those who love higher volumes and a particularly clean sound, we recommend the Sonos Era 100, part of the new line-up of the Californian giant. Even with a portable approach, the performance is that of a large Bluetooth speaker. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, it also performs well as a smart speaker . In this regard, we conclude with one of the most complete smart speakers around. third generation Amazon Echo Show 5, in fact, enriches the sound experience with a beautiful 5.5-inch display< /span> complete with integrated video camera.

Soundbar e Home Theatre

To increase involvement in the living room, there is nothing better than a soundbar to connect to the television, enhancing the sound. For those looking for a complete solution without spending too much, we recommend the JBL Cinema SB270 which, as the name reveals, is dedicated to fans of the big screen. Accompanied by a good 5.25” subwoofer, it is the right step to make the leap in quality. Decidedly more powerful, LG S75Q puts 380 watts at the service of sound, delivering clean, detailed and explosive audio when needed. Accompanied by a very easy to install wireless sub, there is no lack of surround support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X . And we conclude in the best way with theSamsung HW-Q990C home theatre, one of the most satisfying systems in the home. We are talking about a system with 11.1.4 channels divided between 22 speakers. Smart and reliable, it enhances any content through constant sound optimization and, paired with Samsung smart TVs, creates overwhelming sound thanks to technologyQ-Symphony.

Bluetooth headphones and earphones

Listening with headphones allows you to hear many more details. But it’s not just music that is enhanced thanks to a good product. In fact, all Bluetooth models now integrate a microphone to make quality calls and video calls. Thebud-type in-ear earphones are among the most popular on the market. The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II also belong to this particular category and offer high-end performance. Powered by Bluetooth 5.3, they reproduce clean and stable sound, complete with active noise cancellation. For those who love more thoughtful listening, we recommend the over-ear headphones Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless. In addition to providing a very faithful sound, they are beautiful to look at and satisfying to handle. Rather light in relation to the measurements, they integrate a high performance microphone. Cheaper, the Sony WH-CH720N are the right answer for those looking for refined sound while keeping the outlay to a minimum. Offered in blackblue and white, boast a record battery life of 35 hours.

Digital cameras

The market for digital cameras is so vast that synthesizing it all into three products is not easy. We try through a selection designed for different budgets. We start with Fujifilm Instax Mini 12instant camera proposed in white colors , blue, pink, green and purple. Lightweight and compact, it hides the films on which to immortalize the most important moments live in the internal compartment. Sold at a competitive price, it does not lack the flash. Decidedly more versatile is the approach of the Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ425bridge camera with 42x optical zoom on non-replaceable optics. Featuring 20MP resolution, it’s the right option for the novice photographer looking to experiment. Going even higher in level (and price), here comes the Panasonic Lumix S5 IImirrorless camera enhances its innate flexibility.replacing the optics. Dedicated to both photographers, video makers and vloggers, it creates excellent 4K videos. And the possibility of 24.2 MP full-frame sensor with

Action cam

Being able to shoot quality videos with smartphones and cameras has dealt a serious blow to the camcorder industry as well. But the action cam balance the budget, through a unique approach. Insta360 Winning in measurements, it resists water and temperature changes very well. Enriched by agenerous 2.9” touch display, it also supports voice commands. For those looking for a complete set of everything, however, we recommend the Dji Osmo Action 4 in the Adventure Combo configuration a>.extreme sportsimmortalizing which makes it perfect for27 MP sensor, it features a large Robust and waterproof can be easily positioned on the helmet or on the front of a racing vehicle. GoPro Hero12 Black Edition. In addition to the video camera, in fact, the package contains three battery packs, a protective frame, a 1.5 meter telescopic handle and numerous adapters. And we conclude with an evergreen.

Sure, here’s a table format for tech gifts:

Category Tech Gift Ideas Price Range Suitable For
Smart Devices Smartwatches, Smart speakers $$ – $$$ Tech enthusiasts
Audio Wireless earbuds, Headphones $ – $$$ Music lovers
Gaming Gaming consoles, VR headsets $$$ – $$$$ Gamers
Photography Drones, Digital cameras $$$ – $$$$ Photography hobbyists
Health & Fitness Fitness trackers, Yoga mats $ – $$ Health-conscious
Home Automation Smart lighting, Thermostats $ – $$$ Homeowners
Wearables Fitness bands, Smart rings $$ – $$$ Style-conscious
Educational E-readers, Online course subscriptions $ – $$ Learners

This table gives a broad overview of different types of tech gifts, their approximate price ranges, and who they might be best suited for. Keep in mind that prices can vary widely based on brand, features, and where you purchase them.

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