Mother’s Day: the best gifts for the tech mom

Every day is equally good for giving a gift, but surely the celebration of Mother’s Day is always a special date on the calendar of all of us. However, times and people change, and although a bouquet of flowers will always make the recipient smile, today useful gifts are more rewarding.

And it is that from gadgets, smartphones or even gaming peripherals, more and more mothers prefer a technological gift, especially in a few years like the ones we are having to live. That is why we wanted to give you a hand, compiling some  original ideas and gifts with which you can surprise your mothers , and of course, return part of this love that they deserve so much on this mother’s day, and whatever another time of year.

Sports gifts

Xiaomi Band 6

Because a mother does not deserve less, what better way to help her stay healthy than the latest Xiaomi smart bracelet, which incorporates a new 1.56-inch AMOLED screen that manages to increase the size and resolution without affecting the final dimensions of the device. own accessory.

Doubling its fitness mode options to include a total of 30 training modes, in addition to an automatic detection function for 6 fitness activities, this wearable ensures a more continuous and accurate recording throughout the day. In addition to various improvements in the field of health, with improvements to the function of detection of heart rate, blood oxygen, the record of sleep quality, the monitoring of stress levels, and other more specialized functions such as the monitoring of the menstrual cycle .

Huawei Band 6

On the other hand, we can also find Huawei’s newly released smart bracelet, with a 1.47-inch rectangular FullView screen and a slightly more square format that almost make it pass as a smartwatch.

In addition of course to internal improvements that, to the already classic pedometer and heart rate monitoring, we will add additional features such as up to 96 different training modes, as well as health measurements such as stress monitoring 24 hours a day and 7 days a week , blood oxygen or sleep cycle tracking.

Huawei Band Pro 4

Another option to record activity and training would go through Huawei’s smart bracelet, one of the few with integrated GPS, which will allow us to go out and play sports without depending on carrying our mobile phone to continue enjoying the advantages of geolocation; in addition to other interesting health functions such as blood oxygen saturation measurement.

HyperX Cloud Buds

At an intermediate point between wireless headphones and 100% wireless, we find this perfect complement for the busiest mothers, with a concept of headphones that opt ​​for lightness and ease of use and access to be able to let them rest on the neck anytime. All this without sacrificing the brand’s well-known audio quality, as well as other useful functionalities such as its built-in microphone or control panel, being excellent for both listening to music and talking on the phone.

Fitbit Aria Air

In addition to weight, with a smart scale you can learn more about metrics related to your health. One of the most intuitive and easy-to-use models is the Fitbit Aria Air, which thoroughly details the evolution through graphs that you can see from your mobile.

Smart home gifts

With this device you can play all streaming content in Full HD quality using the Alexa voice assistant remote. Just press and hold the voice button and you can ask Alexa to find the content you want to play. This device supports dozens of platforms, such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +; in addition to series and television programs with applications such as RTVE A la carte, DAZN, Movistar + and Atresplayer; and even play music in streaming through platforms such as Spotify or Amazon Music.

Google Chromecast

With the appearance of Smart TVs, many internet services have their own APP to be enjoyed in a much more accessible way directly from our televisions. But, what happens if our TV is not Smart TV and we want to access them? It is enough to have an HDMI port to connect the Chromecast.

Amazon Echo Dot and Google Nest

Being a sure hit for this Mother’s Day, little can be said about these smart speakers, beyond their reduced designs and the enormous power of their microphones and speakers, which will allow us to cover practically any area of ​​the house with just a couple Of units; or the enormous utility that these can offer beyond their search or music playback functions, with the compatibility of thousands of smart products that will range from smartphones themselves, to televisions, lighting, and even the home automation.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

With a slim and quite light design, this portable entertainment system is presented as a very interesting alternative to ensure those moments of disconnection so necessary today, with a compact size screen in which to catch up with our social networks, enjoy of our favorite series and movies at any time regardless of the demands of the rest of the members of the house, or stay connected with our family and friends.

Crock-Pot SCCPRC507B

Moving on to the kitchen, they could not miss the now essential slow cookers, one of the simplest ways to prepare those typical spoon dishes of a lifetime, in the simplest way and without the “danger” of express pots. . And it is that using this device will be as simple as programming the hours or cooking power, and waiting quietly until it is time to sink your teeth.

Mambo 10090

Chop, liquefy, sauté, grind, pulverize, grate, reheat, whisk, yogurt, emulsify, steam. Do literally what you want with the latest and most up-to-date version of this kitchen robot, either on your own or with the help of the Mambo App, with unlimited step-by-step guided recipes, or even with the modes already predefined in the machine that will facilitate a simple and intuitive use.

Mycook Touch Black Edition

As Coco Chanel said, « black goes with everything «. In this case, we find a simpler and more elegant kitchen robot in terms of finishes, maintaining the rest of the brand’s relevant functions and features, as well as some special accessories for steam cooking. All this to offer us the possibility of cooking the more than 13,000 recipes available, completely free of charge, in the Mycook recipe book.

Conga 6090 Ultra

One of the latest and most powerful versions of the market leading robot vacuum cleaner, equipped with 10,000 pascals of power, cyclonic technology and the latest hardware and software advances such as the inclusion of an optical sensor, the generation of interactive maps, or absolute control. of the tasks and functions of the vacuum cleaner through its own app for smartphones, with which we can keep our home always ready even without having to be present.

Gaming gifts

Nintendo Switch Lite


Slightly smaller and equipped with a 5.5-inch screen, the Nintendo Switch Lite enters the family as a perfect alternative for gamers focused on portability, with a noticeably lighter weight of just 275 grams. And it is that although it will not be able to connect to the television, the rest of the functionalities will remain intact.

Thus, this console comes in three new colors to choose from: yellow , light gray , blue , turquoise , and coral pink , available both alone and in packs with highly successful games such as Animal Crossing New Horizons .

Razer Kraken Kitty

With streaming and video calls becoming more and more the order of the day, and planes that will barely let us show off from the waist up, what better way to adorn ourselves than with the special version of these powerful gaming headphones, which in addition to maintaining all the features High-end of the original model, they will allow us to give it a cheerful and carefree touch for the most «meow-derma» mothers.

Newskill Eos Ivory

With an endorsement of precision such as the support of the professional streamer MissAndie FTW , this mouse will maintain all the characteristics of its original version, with a design that favors maximum ergonomics and efficiency of the mouse before any type of task and style of play thanks to its shape designed to favor claw-type grip, as well as all the benefits of a top-of-the-range professional peripheral. All this with new white finishes, customizable RGB lighting, and a surface covered with high-quality natural rubber that give us a pleasant touch as well as an improvement in the grip.

Nfortec Krater Mini

We find a design that highlights a large steel mesh panel that will occupy the entire front vertical, and a tempered glass side that will reveal the almost complete ins and outs of our configuration, and an expanded color spectrum, which in addition to the Already recurring black and white tones from the monochromatic palette, it is presented in limited versions of pastel blue and pink.

All this mounted on a robust but not very heavy chassis made of steel, and a structure compatible with Micro-ATX, ITX type motherboards, offering us the possibility of mounting practically any type of PC, under a more compact size box.

Trust GXT 712 Restro Pro Gaming

Comfort is everything in a player’s space, so an ergonomic seat is key to winning games. Especially when it has removable lumbar and cervical cushions, 4D armrests, and an adjustable backrest that offer enormous comfort in combination.

Gifts for teleworking

Trust Ozaa

With a truly comfortable ergonomic right-handed design,  as we saw in our review , the functionality of this mouse is present thanks to the inclusion of a total of six buttons, the two main switches being silent to reduce most of the noise while it works, adding an additional button at the top under the tour, and two buttons on the side, where we will also find a second scroll wheel intended for horizontal scrolling, which will greatly facilitate navigation through the documents.

In this way, in addition to an increase in productivity, we can work with it for hours in total comfort. A time when the mouse will be more than enough with us thanks to its good autonomy and the use of an integrated rechargeable battery, which will allow us to use the mouse even while it is charging.

Trust GXT 1160 Vero

Whether for gaming or teleworking, this high definition webcam has an HD 1080p resolution of up to 8 megapixels that, thanks to the clamping pedestal that shapes it, can be attached to any monitor or laptop with the greatest ease and speed, becoming a powerful ally wherever we go.

Techies gifts

Confinement, teleworking or simply urban life has relegated us to ever longer stays in our flats. So the green tenant company can be a nice addition to the ergonomic chair and webcam. Especially if these tenants are edible and / or aromatic. The Tregren T3 automated urban garden gives us all of that without any of the complications associated with growing plants.

With a device that looks like something out of a science fiction movie, our plants will grow with minimal supervision, informing us of their status and needs on their mobile.

Amazon Kindle

One of the great classics of Amazon that could not be missing among the gifts for Mother’s Day, is the eBook. A flagship product that gives us one of the best current digital reading experiences, with a digital ink screen that perfectly emulates books, allowing us to lose ourselves between the pages for hours without noticing the slightest fatigue. And it is that in addition to the entry model, if what we are looking for is an update, we can also find the Amazon Kindle Oasis, currently the most powerful model of the family, and the most complete reading experience.

Geek gifts

Although in the technical aspect this portable battery remains at a fairly normal speed and capacity, without a doubt this Miss Borderlike powerbank stands out for its design, both artistic and format, with a compact size and a suction cup system that will allow us to stick it to the back of the phone to show off his witty drawing. Although it almost remains more like a self-gift or a mention to grandmothers, other mothers who also deserve your recognition on this day.

Nothing better to express the love of a son or daughter than with “The Child”, better known as Baby Yoda or “that little green thing” that we would all love to cuddle. Although in this case the hug will be in reverse, in the form of a comfortable pajama .

More gifts and ideas for mother’s day

If you still can’t find exactly what you were looking for, we recommend that you take a look at our recently launched MC Offers section , where you can search and find the best prices among hundreds of technological products.

So, just as we hope these ideas will help you, we also encourage you to share other ideas and gifts for Mother’s Day with the rest of the readers, so that together we can make sure that this day is as special as possible. .


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