Hiking Gadgets: Top 10 Essentials

Often we refuse long hikes, as we do not want to sacrifice the usual comfort. It is clear that lugging your favorite chair with you is absurd. But taking care of a couple of devices that will make travel easier and more comfortable is the task of every tourist.

This is about the Top 10 useful gadgets for tourism. We read, choose and take notes!


In field conditions, the smartphone is the main method of communication with the outside world. It can help you get directions and save all gpx tracks in one application, marking campsites and supermarkets where you can restock. It is worth noting that a special mechanism for points of interest (POI) has been developed for this, which is displayed on a google map.

You can also keep notes on the schedule of transport, the plan of the area and, if the hike is long, booking hostels. Well, travel will be complemented by cool photos “in the moment” and your favorite music.

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An external battery is a way to charge your smartphone and get in touch even in a deep forest. The best option would be a device with a capacity of at least 10,000 mAh   and labeled Fast Charge. This technology allows you to charge your device up to 75% faster than simple charging.

If you go hiking for 5-7 days, you can take solar panels. Powerbank in this case will become an intermediate device for the accumulation and redistribution of energy.

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Fitness bracelet (smart watch)

In the wild, a stylish internet-connected device turns into a real assistant. For field conditions, models with a reinforced shock-resistant case and the presence of important functions are suitable:

  • GPS sensor , digital compass and built-in map will allow you not only to build a travel route, but also not to get lost in unfamiliar terrain;
  • the presence of a heart rate monitor and functions for measuring speed, pace and altitude gain will ensure control of the load on the body;
  • using a Bluetooth 2.0 connection, you will be able to answer calls and read SMS without being distracted from the constructed route.

Fitness watch models can connect to travel apps. For example, the Suunto Spartan Trainer tracks the route and then uploads it to Suunto Movescount, creating a 3D visualization of the hike.

The “trek back” function will allow you to return to the starting point along the route you have already traveled.


If you are going on an extreme route or just do not want to spend an extra hour collecting brushwood, you should take a gas burner with you. The device will become an excellent assistant only if you choose the right model:

  1. For a hike for two in the nearest forest, a torch is quite suitable, which pierces the balloon or is put on the thread.
  2. If you decide on a more extreme hike (for example, to conquer the peaks of the Caucasus), it is better to opt for more powerful devices (from 3 kW) with wind protection and piezo ignition.
  3. In case of rest with a company of more than 4 people, a hose device will be the best option. The best fuel in this case will be a mixture of propane, butane, isobutane (suitable for low temperatures).

Manufacturers have taken care not only of convenience, but also of operational safety. The cylinders are filled with exceptionally clean fuel, due to which the products of the final combustion are molecules of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

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Tripod with flexible legs

If you prefer to take beautiful shots and do not carry a huge amount of accessories with you, a mini tripod is   ideal. The compact device with flexible legs will fit into a woman’s bag and will be able to withstand not only an ordinary smartphone, but also a full-fledged camera weighing up to 340 grams.

Due to the movable legs, the tripod can be installed on any surface, fixed on a rope, stones, tree branches and create photo masterpieces. Try a new device and the world will open up from a different angle.

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Portable shower

To make the hike in the forest or in the mountains not like a survival story, a portable shower should be added to the standard set of a tent and a backpack with a bunch of useful little things.

Warming up is carried out naturally Electrical connection
A plastic container for 20-25 liters of water is attached with a hook to a tree or other hill. The water is warmed up by the sun’s rays The model is adapted for cool or cloudy weather. Such a device is suitable for travelers who have a generator in their arsenal.
The principle of operation is as follows: the hose is lowered into a container with water, and the shower itself is connected to the mains. Due to the compressor and heating elements, the water heats up as the valve opens

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A mysterious name that combines the necessary camping trifles. Depending on the configuration, the item may contain pliers, a screwdriver, a wrench, a corkscrew, a spoon, and others. A rather interesting option is a multitool that looks like a credit card. At first glance, it is difficult to imagine that this plate is capable of opening bottles and cans, includes several screwdrivers and a ruler, and can also become a smartphone stand. For avid travelers, the multitool is an indispensable device.

Waterproof case for phone or camera

The best option for protecting the gadget will be a sealed cover, for the manufacture of which thermoplastic polyurethane is used.

It is a wear-resistant material that withstands temperature changes and does not fade even after prolonged exposure to the sun, resistant to cold. You can even dive with your phone or tablet without worrying about their safety.

Wireless speaker

What a hike without driving music? The modern beat and favorite rhythm can be broadcast by a wireless speaker . There are a huge number of models on the market: small and large, powerful and not quite.

For a hike, it is better to choose loud acoustic models that hold a charge for a long time (8-10 hours). If you are planning an active holiday (conquering mountain peaks, rafting on a mountain river, etc.), you should take care of shock resistance and water resistance. The standard weight of the device is 180-230 grams, so the speaker does not take up much space in a backpack.

Water purifier

In order not to carry containers with drinking water and not think about where to replenish them along the route, it is advisable to take care of the filter in advance. The best option would be compact membrane devices capable of purifying water from microbiological and chemical contaminants. Such a filter can provide drinking water for three to four adults (the resource of one device is enough to receive 1200 liters of drinking water).

In the article, we have highlighted only a small part of the gadgets that will make the trip more technological and more comfortable. Some are used to limiting themselves to a flashlight and a sleeping bag, while others will not have enough tents, a generator and other devices. Therefore, when going on a hike, choose the devices that will make your trip better.

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