How to check smartphone battery: 4 tips

When choosing a smartphone, battery capacity is a priority. Over time, it becomes unusable, so battery tests help determine the capacity of the charge.

You can check the device in different ways. In the article, we will consider which ones and how it is done.

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How to check the battery status of your smartphone

You don’t have to be a phone repair technician to spot battery problems. If the autonomy of the gadget in 30 minutes has decreased from 100% to 20%, we can safely talk about the error in the functioning of the charging unit . To check your phone’s battery, you will need to track the battery drain. The instability of the charge is immediately evident. We’ll have to sound the alarm, and not sit idly by.

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Visual inspection of the battery

To do this, remove the battery from the smartphone and examine it. If it is swollen, rust, green or whitish spots have appeared, you should contact a smartphone repair technician.

The battery must not be discarded. It is put in a bag and given for recycling – special centers are engaged in the disposal of this kind of waste. You can find their address on the Internet.

Android’s new life is only real when the charger is replaced. Usually its price is half the cost of a mobile phone, so you should think about the advisability of buying and replacing the battery. More often, owners of smartphones with a problem battery buy a new Android and at the same time come out with a plus.

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With a multimeter

Before you check the battery of a smartphone with a multimeter, you need to find the passport data of the phone in order to accurately find out the factory battery capacity, and then compare with the current one.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Raise your phone charge up to 100%.
  2. Discharge the battery with a resistor to 450-500 mA (milliamperes) to 2.7 V (volts) and simultaneously record the discharge time.
  3. Measure the actual values ​​and deviations from the passport data according to the formula E [A * hour] = I [A] * T [hour]. For example, 5.5 hours * 450 mAh = 2475 mAh. This number will be an indicator of the current state of the charge capacity.

A deviation from the norm of the battery capacity is 20%. This method is complex and imprecise. Therefore, other options are much more truthful. In addition, additional devices for such a check are not always at hand.

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Using the system utility

You can see how to check the phone battery for working capacity on the websites of mobile devices. But the system utility will help to assess the quality of the charge capacity. It is available for checking old phones. Its capabilities are limited to analyzing temperature and wear statistics.

They view the data in the service menu of the Android operating system, which is called by the combination * # * # 4636 # * # * . The iconic row is only suitable for the Android system. And this is the disadvantage of this method of checking the status of the mobile battery. In terms of functionality, it is simple and accurate. Even a schoolchild can cope with such a test.

Using the app

Apps help you assess battery health. They inform about the real and nominal data, evaluate the level of the device’s charge, show the level of battery wear. Having chosen any of the applications, upon launching, you must follow the instructions on the mobile device.

At the end of the test, the result of the charge capacity from the application is equated with the specified number from the manufacturer. If the battery, according to the indications of the applications, has worked out, the only chance not to be left without connection is to buy a smartphone with a large charging capacity.

The strengths and weaknesses of the applications are described in the table:

  pros Minuses
AccuBattery battery data monitoring system Root is not needed, it is a platform for collecting statistics and recommendations for preserving battery capacity Basic surveillance system
  Extends the battery life by controlling the charge and discharge of the device Instructions are only available in English
Battery life Provides a report on charge level, temperature, power consumption for other applications Full version requires payment
Suitable for Android, iOS systems A lot of advertising
Power battery Clearing memory Compatible with Android OS only
Energy saving  
Battery Doctor Extends and optimizes battery life Takes 320 MB
Evaluates charge leakage A lot of advertising

All methods for assessing the condition and suitability of a charge are valid. It remains only to choose a convenient one. The described methods also investigate the capacity of the plates. The start of all checks begins with a visual inspection of the gadget, and then at your choice, which is more accessible and understandable. To simplify your task, it is better to seek help from a specialist. It will accurately determine the quality of the battery and replace it if necessary.

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