Sports, nutrition and health: the gift kit in our buying guide

Sport and healthy eating are increasingly central to people’s lives In Italy, according to ISTAT data, approximately 66.2% of the population practices physical-sports activities in their free time. Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is a real objective to pursue for some people and for this reason.We created a purchasing guide designed for them. It will be possible to compose a complete gift kit for athletes and fitness lovers, which contains protein supplements , amino acids, maltodextrins , but also energizing bars or latest generation electro-medical devices for monitoring cardiac parameters.

Sports, nutrition and health: the gift kit in our buying guide

Protein supplements

If the person to whom this “gift kit” is dedicated is among the 66.2% of the Italian population, then he certainly cannot fail to appreciate a product that contains proteins. Concentrated or isolated whey proteins , proteins derived from casein , vegetable proteins and so on and so forth. The difficulty for those who have never had to deal with the world of supplementation is understanding what the best gift could be in terms of quality.

The first thing to understand is whether the recipient of the gift is a vegetarian or vegan, since in this case the choice is very simple and you can opt for vegetable protein supplements , made from sources such as peas, rice, hemp or soy . A product like EnerZona Balance Protein Flakes 224g could be the ideal choice to include in your gift kit. The supplement, with a price of around 10 euros , delivers 100% vegetable pea and rice proteins, with a neutral flavor and therefore suitable for inclusion in shakes and smoothies.

For omnivorous friends, however, you can opt for high quality solutions, which use isolated whey proteins , capable of also providing the right daily protein quantity. You can choose between Whey Concentrate whey proteins ( Enervit Gymline 100% Whey Concentrate 900g ), with a variable percentage of proteins (usually around 70-80%) associated with fats and carbohydrates, or Whey whey proteins Isolates ( Named Sport Star Whey Isolate 750g ), which contain a higher percentage of proteins (usually over 80-90%) and a lower content of fats and carbohydrates.

Finally there are whey protein hydrolysates ( Named Hydrolysed Advanced Whey 750g), in which the proteins have been “pre-digested” for faster intake and digestion. In this case the choice will be made based on the ability to assimilate proteins. Scitec Nutrition 100% Casein Complex is, however, a supplement that contains casein proteins which are digested more slowly than whey, making them an ideal protein source for long-term intake. Choosing the type of protein supplement depends on the individual needs, training goals and lifestyle of the athlete. If you really can’t figure out this choice, you can always ask a relative or friend what proteins are usually used by the recipient of the gift.

Complete the kit also with branched amino acids:
Dr. Giorgini Branched Amino Acids BCAA Plus Self Omninutrition BCAA Tablets
8:1:1 Branched Amino Acids 250g
Kos Branched Amino Acids Tablets

Bars for athletes

Enriching the gift box with colored sports bars and different flavors can make the kit prettier but also more functional for the recipient. In fact, protein or carbohydrate bars are used to supplement the diet during snacks , snacks or pre- and post-workout , but they have different functions depending on their composition. Include at least one energy bar, which provides a mix of carbohydrates to increase energy during training. Pocket-sized products such as Enervit Carbo Bar C2:1 can contain energy ingredients such as cereals, dried fruit and natural sugars . In the kit it is also necessary to include some protein-based bars , such as Enervit The Protein Deal Mini Bar 33g and Enervit Protein Keto Bar , useful for satisfying protein needs even when you are away from home. To complete the kit for the physical well-being of athletes, we must also add some bars to use after the workout to recover energy and muscle function. An example of such a snack is Named Sport Proteinbar 50g , available in berry, coconut, pistachio and chocolate flavours .

Other bars for sports:
Foodspring Extra Chocolate Protein Bar
Named Sport Proteinbar Zero 50g
Enervit The Protein Deal Bar 55g

Mineral salt supplements

During sport it is essential to maintain a constant hydrosaline balance , i.e. the ratio between the quantity of water and mineral salts lost through sweating and those introduced. This is important to avoid imbalances, cramps, tiredness and dehydration. For this reason, a valid supplement based on mineral salts (magnesium, potassium, sodium and chlorine) cannot be missing from the gift kit for athletes . In particular, these supplements rich in minerals with the same osmolarity as body fluids would be the optimal choice to maintain the hydro-salt balance and minimize fluid losses. In addition to minerals, these formulations may also contain carbohydrates with different absorption capacities.

These are carbohydrate and electrolyte solutions that contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during endurance exercise. Among the products for athletes in this category to include in the gift kit there are, for example, Pfizer Polase sport 10 sachets and Enervit Isotonic Drink . Two supplements rich in fundamental molecules to support the athlete’s body throughout physical effort. The physical and psychological well-being of the athlete is also favored by the integration of all the vitamins necessary to satisfy the organic demand for cells and tissues.

Specifically, group B vitamins contribute to normal energy metabolism , together with magnesium, iodine, iron and copper, while Vitamin C and folic acid help combat the sense of tiredness and fatigue . Vitamins A, C and E and minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium help protect cells from oxidative stress and free radicals . A very important aspect to evaluate, as the athlete’s body is a large producer of free radicals and pro-oxidant molecules, which must be controlled so as not to favor an acceleration of cellular and organic aging processes. Therefore, in addition to a classic mineral and carbohydrate supplement with energizing action, it is necessary to also add multivitamin products to the gift box , chosen from the many brands available on

Some famous multivitamins:
Multicentrum Man Tablets
Bios Line Multi45 Multisupplement Tablets
Arkopharma Arkovital Pure Energy Multivitamin 50+ Capsules

Omega 3 supplements

Omega 3 can complete the gift kit for athletes, guaranteeing the supply of essential fatty acids for the well-being of the body and, more specifically, of the cardiovascular system. These are supplements based on EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), two polyunsaturated fatty acids essential for the health of the body, which must necessarily be taken from the outside.

These molecules contribute to normal cardiac function (at least 250 mg of both EPA and DHA), to the maintenance of normal blood pressure and to the maintenance of normal triglyceride levels in the blood (at least 3 g of EPA and DHA). Supplements such as Named Sport Omega3 Double Plus are aimed at muscle maintenance and recovery, resistance and concentration in those who practice sports such as cycling, running, team sports, crossfit, fitness, body building, triathlon or swimming. By taking 1-4 softgels per day to be divided during the main meals, it is possible to integrate the right amount of omega 3 fats for the well-being of the athlete. Another product that you can choose as an alternative is Salugea Omega 3 Krill Oil . It is a more complete formulation, based on EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid, 88.5 mg per pearl) and DHA (Docosaenoic Acid, 41.5 mg per pearl), Choline (41.5 mg per dose) and Astanxathin from oil of Antarctic Krill ( Euphausia superba Dana ), indicated to support cardiovascular, cerebral and vision well-being, with the help of important antioxidant molecules.

Other omega 3 supplements:
Omega Pharma Retigan Q10 Sachets
Marco Viti Omega3 Multi Action Pearls
Omegor Vitality 1000 Capsules

Maltodextrin supplements

Maltodextrin-based supplements are often essential products to support the physical effort of athletes. These are carbohydrates obtained through a pharmaceutical process of hydrolysis of starches present in corn or other cereals. These molecules, not present in the foods you eat every day, are excellent for pre-workout or post-workout recovery . Maltodextrins, in fact, can provide immediate energy (if present in short chains) or modulate a slow release of glucose over time (if formed by longer chains).

These products cannot be missing from the gift kit for athletes, as they are widely used to accompany all types of training and give a boost of energy and vitality. Named Maltonam adds to the energizing power of maltodextrins, also the effect of carnitine (Carnipure)®, L-Phenylalanine, vitamin C and hydrophilic B vitamins , essential for the proper functioning of the body’s energy metabolism. The gluten-free formulation is also perfectly suited to the diet of athletes suffering from celiac disease. The sport that most requires the use of maltodextrin-based supplements is cycling . So if the recipient of the gift is a cyclist, this item will certainly not be missing from the box.

Other maltodextrin supplements:
Enervit Maltodextrine Fructose
EthicSport Maltoshot Endurance 50ml
EthicSport Super Dextrin

Other items to add to the sports box

The well-being of athletes also involves electro-medical products for monitoring cardiac parameters, to be measured during sports practice. We are not saying to add classic watches or pedometer bracelets to the box. Rather, these are devices such as Polar h10 heart rate sensor , which are made up of a chest strap with heart rate detector, with double measurement data transmission technology, Bluetooth® and ANT+ which give the freedom to connect your favorite apps or devices.

The product can be used for indoor and outdoor sports and is equipped with a battery with a life of approximately 400 hours (ensuring 1 hour of monitoring per day). Equipment like this, in addition to increasing the value of the gift box, allows the athlete to always keep their cardiac parameters under control and follow a sporting activity as safely as possible. Other items, decidedly less expensive, which can enrich the gift box for athletes are protein shakers and 1 liter water bottles , useful to always carry with you for hydration or for taking supplements in the gym. All that remains is to get a basket or make a colorful box to contain all the selected items.

Creating a gift kit for sports, nutrition, and health involves considering various items that cater to physical fitness, dietary needs, and overall wellbeing. Here’s a suggested table format for such a gift kit:

Category Item Description Why It’s Beneficial
Sports Gear Fitness Tracker A wearable device that tracks physical activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns. Encourages regular exercise and monitors health stats.
Yoga Mat A high-quality, non-slip mat for yoga or general exercise. Provides comfort and stability for workouts.
Nutrition Protein Powder A container of whey or plant-based protein powder. Supports muscle recovery and growth.
Healthy Snack Bars A box of organic, low-sugar snack bars. Offers a healthy, on-the-go snacking option.
Health Vitamin Supplements A bottle of multivitamins tailored for specific needs (e.g., age, gender). Fulfills daily nutritional gaps.
Water Bottle An insulated, reusable water bottle. Encourages hydration throughout the day.
Wellness Meditation App Subscription A year-long subscription to a guided meditation app. Promotes mental wellbeing and stress reduction.
Massage Roller A foam roller for muscle relaxation and recovery. Helps in reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.

This table provides a comprehensive guide for assembling a thoughtful and practical gift kit that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.


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