7 mental health and nutrition tips

Bad eating habits over the years, physical and psychological disorders… How about combining psychology and nutrition to carry out a more effective treatment? Yes, it is possible!

In today’s article we will give tips on psychology and nutrition.

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1. Have a positive attitude

Looking at the glass, we can always see it half empty. However, when we look at the full part, we can understand that around us there are countless construction possibilities.

In food , the same thing happens. What choices are we going to make? Healthy or Not So? The choice is always YOURS , you are responsible for it.

2. Stay flexible

If we have a fixed and unique surface on the skins of a bridge, with each weathering it ends up breaking. The same happens in our life. The more flexible our gaze, the easier it will be to deal with the bumps that cross us.

In food, flexibility appears when we are faced with certain situations, such as: vacations, trips, events….

Could it be that with our routine up to date, healthy, we can’t be more flexible in these moments of life?

3. Identify and Learn Lessons

There is no door that closes where a window does not open. But in order for you to see through it, you need to be open to the new experience.

Let’s say we slipped, we left the ideal path… Ok, No fault! The important thing is to be attentive, aware and go back to where we were, your best choice.

4. Release the tension

In the rush of life, we often give up self-care and small pleasures. Practicing exercises and having hobbies are an excellent path to balance.

In the same rush of life, the important thing is to find pleasures in your everyday life. Put together a balanced and colorful dish, beautiful, that brings you comfort in that meal. Plan and organize your routine with pleasurable recipes, call your friends and family to get your hands dirty.

5. Believe in yourself

For this, I choose achievable goals and pay for the small achievements.

Ever! No distant goals, no intangible challenges….

But always with a look that takes you forward.

6. Resilience and Purpose

Remember that you are in a long distance race and for that, you need to focus on the end goal and take one step at a time.

Exactly! We have a result to achieve. But there is a winding path, with mishaps, it is part of it. But little by little, one day at a time, we will get there.

7. Gratitude

Don’t forget to thank yourself daily for the good things around you. Rest assured that even when the world seems to collapse, many good things are happening and we need to look at them.


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