What to give mom on Mother’s Day: TOP 10 gifts

Let’s be honest! Mom – there is a mom. And how it appears in our understanding – stylish, economic, business, in need of care – we choose such gifts.

In this collection there are devices that give beauty, health and comfort. And also something that gives a feeling of comfort and a warm home atmosphere. Read, see, take note!

Fitness bracelet

Constant physical activity is the key to health at any age. And for middle-aged and older women, wearing fitness trackers will help monitor their health over time. Even the simplest models have the ability to measure heart rate , see the number of steps taken, track notifications and monitor sleep quality. This will allow moms to constantly monitor their activity.

A great budget option is the Honor Band 4 Running. In addition to tracking the basic stats described above, it will help you understand your running workouts in more detail thanks to a six-axis sensor and a leg mount.

The upgraded models are a mix of smartwatches and fitness trackers. The color screen will allow you to view notifications with pictures in their natural colors. “Smart filling” makes it possible to reply to correspondence using templates. Dozens of exercise regimens can help mothers track how exercise will affect their health. Moreover, devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fit R370 can measure stress levels. They “understand” this by analyzing changes in the intervals between heartbeats.

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Fondue set

Fans of gourmet cooking will appreciate this unusual Mother’s Day gift! These sets include tools for making premium fondue : a burner, a rack, a stand and forks from six to ten pieces.

Heat-resistant stainless steel accessories. The sets are easy to clean by hand and in the dishwasher. The only thing that mom will need is the mood to eat something delicious!

Coffee maker

This will be a great addition to congratulations for a mom who loves an invigorating drink. Ground coffee tastes better than instant coffee, but making it is still a quest. Especially if you cook in a Turk: you gape for 5 seconds, then you have to scrub the stove for 10 minutes.

Coffee makers simplify cooking in five steps.

  1. Pour in the required amount of coffee – depends on what kind of coffee will be prepared. Typically 2 teaspoons are required for a serving of espresso. For a coffee maker with a grinding function, grains can be used; already ground coffee is added to simpler devices (without this chip).
  2. Pour milk into the cappuccino maker – a separate container for milk, smaller than for water. Then the machine itself will make a fluffy foam.
  3. Add the required amount of liquid to the water tank. Usually this is in the range of 100-200 ml for 2 teaspoons of coffee, but it all depends on the recipe and taste preferences.
  4. Turn on the coffee maker and wait until it pours the required amount of a strong drink into a cup or a special kettle.
  5. In the case of espresso machines, start the cappuccino maker by adding the required amount of warm milk to the coffee. You don’t need to do anything with automatic coffee machines – they will calculate the proportions themselves and add the required amount of liquid.

There are 4 types of devices in total. Which one to choose for a mother depends on her “friendship” with technology and free time. Rozhkovaya is suitable for those who do not abhor “manual work” and want to independently control the process. Drip – cheaper and easier to use. True, milk will have to be added separately. The coffee machine and capsule coffee maker will do it all – all you have to do is add sugar.

Coffee machine type Peculiarities
Drip The easiest option. It is enough to pour coffee into the filter, pour water into the container and press the power button. When the required amount of liquid is filled into a cup or kettle, press the same button to turn off
Rozhkovaya For those who like to be “like in a coffee shop.” Such coffee makers are installed in similar establishments. Here you need sleight of hand, since you will have to fill the coffee horn tightly and then set it correctly and put a cup under it in time. But the incredible taste of the drink is well worth the effort!
Coffee machine She is like a “self-assembled tablecloth”: she herself will calculate how much water, coffee and milk is needed for a drink. The main thing is to regularly replenish stocks and get the hang of managing this device.
Capsule A simplified version of “self-assembly”. Here you need to insert a pod with a capsule into the filter, pour the required amount of water and watch how she prepares an espresso, latte or other drink

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Curling Hair

A good gift for those women who like to experiment with their own image. A high- quality styler not only style your hair, but also gives your curls a smoothness and shine due to the ceramic plates. This is how the Philips BHB864 / 00 works – a good yet inexpensive styler.

But tongs with an ionization function as Remington CI5519 Pro Spiral Curl prevent tangling and align the hair structure. The strands look healthier and are easier to comb. Smart indicators will help you make the perfect curl without overheating the bundle. Sensors analyze the condition of the hair and calculate how long it takes for a beautiful curl. As soon as the device “understands” the readiness – it signals with a sound signal. Philips BHB872 / 00 StyleCare has such functions .

Air humidifier with aroma diffuser

Heating in winter and heat in summer dry out the indoor air. This affects your well-being. If mom complains of dryness and tightness of the skin, frequent fatigue, you notice that she often catches cold, you should give her this device. It normalizes the air humidity in the room, gradually leveling the unpleasant symptoms of a person dear to his heart.

There are 3 main types of humidifiers in total : 

  Operating principle Economy Is it possible to leave unattended
Steam It looks like a kettle – the water is heated and evaporated. Therefore, during work, it is better not to approach him – you can scald Low. Although water evaporates more slowly than in a kettle, compared to other humidifiers, it shows a low efficiency. Not recommended. Especially in a house with children and animals – they can accidentally throw the device over and get scalded
Traditional Water enters the evaporating plates, after which the built-in fan blows air through them, humidifying the air in the room Average You can, as you won’t get scalded by it. The main thing is that there is an auto shutdown – then the device will turn off by itself as soon as the water in the tank runs out
Ultrasonic Ultrasonic waves break water into tiny particles, and dry air passing through such a “curtain” takes some of the moisture with it. Further, the refreshing humidified air comes out of the device. The most economical option. Models with built-in hygrostat will shut off when the air reaches the set humidity Yes. Moreover, models with a hygrostat and a timer can be left unattended for a couple of days – they will turn off by themselves when the desired humidity is reached.

Most humidifiers have an automatic shutdown function. If the tank is empty, the device will not start. If you forcibly start an empty humidifier, the parts of the device will begin to fail.

Some gadgets can be used as a scent diffuser . In this case, it is enough to add a few drops of aroma oil to the water or buy a special aroma capsule. To understand the presence of such a feature, you need to study the description of the model of interest. The manufacturer indicates this in the instructions.

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With the help of a multicooker, you can cook breathtaking cereals, the most delicate stew, healthy yogurt, as well as rich soups, borscht, hodgepodge, and more.

Mom will have free time. I put the food in the bowl, turned on the desired program and no need to follow what is going on inside. The device will cook right on time, keeping the canons of the recipe, the optimal temperature and time. Dozens of modes will allow you to experiment without fear that something will go wrong. The multicooker is not as voracious as the electric oven and hobs, and the enclosed space allows food to languish in its juice.

Food does not burn in a Teflon bowl, even if you overdo it a little due to an incorrectly selected mode. It is better to wash the bowl with a sponge; you cannot scrub with a brush, so as not to scratch.

Set for manicure and pedicure

Beauty no longer requires sacrifice! Since mothers constantly pay attention to their loved ones, they often do not have enough time to go to the salon for a regular manicure. Women of the “old school” do not want to do salon manicure at all, as they are worried about the level of disinfection of all details.

Now they can get perfect nails from the comfort of their home. And given the situation when salons are closed due to a lockdown at any time, such a gift will help mom maintain her manicure at the proper level.

  • Coarse nozzles 

They will give shape to the nails due to the large “grains” that quickly grind off the nail.

  • Fine nozzles 

Allows you to more accurately work out the shape of the nail. It is not recommended to polish the plate and move the cuticle aside.

  • Polishing attachments

Remove the keratinized skin from the nail, making it smooth.

  • Shine attachment 

A virtually smooth tip that makes the nail perfectly smooth for a more even application and lasts longer.

Thanks to the manicure set, your nails on your hands and feet will be well-groomed without much effort. Mom will not need to make an appointment and wait for an appointment in the salon – now she can do all this herself.

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Hair dryer

A good hair dryer not only dries your hair, but also helps to create a spectacular styling without sucking the strands into the air vent. Almost all drying devices have a cold setting – for fixing the hairstyle.

And the ionization mode prevents moisture loss. Hair becomes smooth and silky without additional styling. Such functions are present even in budget models like Philips ThermoProtect HP8230 / 00 . In more expensive models, you can find “smart adjustment”. An infrared sensor reads the temperature of the scalp and adjusts for the optimal warmth of the air flow.

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Sandwich maker

What a morning without a crispy sandwich! This device will be appreciated by mothers who love experimenting with food. The sandwich maker can be used to make sandwiches, waffles and even grill!

When choosing, you should consider four features:

  • size – the larger, the more powerful, which means more voracious in terms of electricity;
  • the presence of non-stick plates – to fry with a minimum of oil;
  • adjustment of the degree of roasting;
  • material – metal is stronger, but more expensive, plastic is cheaper, but over time it wears out and scratches.


If your mom loves to read, there is no better gift! Now her library will fit in a small device, a little larger than a smartphone. So now she can grab books wherever she goes, without burdening her luggage.

Readers work with E Ink technology, which simulates ink on a paper sheet. Eyes will be less tired even if you are not looking up from reading for several hours in a row.

The best devices for mom are devices where you can display a large font. Then she will be able to read without overwork, and even without glasses (if she is wearing).

Hopefully, thanks to our list, the question of “what to get an original mom for Mother’s Day” has been removed from your agenda. These gadgets bring unforgettable emotions, and for our mothers – also a sense of importance for their children.

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