Sony WH 1000XM3:Review

In our review of the Sony WH 1000XM3 full-size 3rd generation lug model, we will look at the advanced technologies that have helped provide decent sound and an abundance of customizations. The discreet design makes it possible to wear the headset with any clothing: from a tracksuit to a pretentious tuxedo.

Appearance, design, dimensions

The design of the 3rd generation headphones has become more restrained, as the manufacturer decided not to decorate them with a light edging. Available in 2 colors – black and beige. Light “ears” in some stores are called silver. The headband, covered with eco-leather on top, fits well on the head. The controls are highlighted in gold.

Sony used the same color scheme for the zip fastening of the included case. It is also good that you do not have to purchase a separate adapter for two audio outputs to connect to the acoustics on the plane. Together with him, a USB adapter for charging and a cable for wired connection to a smartphone or laptop were put in the box .

Weight and size characteristics of Sony WH 1000XM3 lugs:

  • Speaker diameter – 40 mm.
  • Weight – 255 grams.

The ear cups are matte, not easily soiled. Compared to the previous generation, the model has become lighter, more ergonomic and more compact.

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Battery and autonomy

The battery capacity is 1100 mAh. Autonomy parameters in the table:

  Shumodav included Ambient Sound Mode Shumodav off Autonomy, h
Playing music +     thirty
  +   22
    + 38
Conversation mode +     24
  +   eighteen
    + thirty
Expectation +     thirty
  +   22
    + 200

When using a cable, the autonomy is 36 hours – not much more than when listening to music via Bluetooth.

The battery charging time is 3 hours. According to the manufacturer, the fast charging mode makes it possible to listen to music for 2 hours after a 10-minute connection to the mains. Judging by the reviews, if you use headphones for 2-3 hours a day, a fully powered battery will last for a week. Autonomy meets the requirements for flagship models.

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The sound capabilities of the headphones are at a decent level:

  • Frequency range: 4 Hz – 40 thousand Hz.
  • Impedance: 16-47 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: 101-105 dB / mW.

Sony has improved not only ergonomics, but also acoustics. The instruments sounded more natural. Even at maximum volume, the even distribution of frequencies pleases. Articulation is fantastically clear. The headphones do an excellent job with low frequencies, give out the right, soft lows. The middle is warm and very bright. The filling of the ears copes not only with rap and hip-hop, but also with complex vocal parts. The highs are neatly defined and rounded pointwise. The volume is just magical. When listening, you can find something new in tracks that were previously listened to on lower quality acoustics. The integrity of musical compositions can be traced even at low volume.

Noise reduction is another story. To minimize side effects, the manufacturer used a custom processor for noise reduction. Headphones are able to completely shield from city or office noise. In the created silence, the music sounds juicy and bright. This begs a comparison with bright colors on a perfectly white canvas. This is a quick overview of the sound of the Sony WH 1000XM3.

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The functionality of the headphones is really impressive:

  1. Noise reduction taking into account atmospheric pressure. This feature is relevant for air travel.
  2. Intelligent audio control based on location. Are you driving, running, walking or just relaxing? The headphones take this into account.
  3. Decrease the music volume by touching the bowl. You can respond to calls from people around you without removing your headset.
  4. Controlling acoustics from a smartphone using a proprietary application.
  5. Voice assistant function.

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Price and quality

The headset belongs to the middle price segment. When wireless acoustics 1000XM3 just appeared on sale, it cost more than 10 thousand UAH. However, Sony with enviable regularity pleases its fans with new products, now there are similar “ears” of the fourth generation on sale . In Moyo, you can buy the Sony WH 1000XM3 headphone model from our review for UAH 8500-9500. The product cannot be called cheap, but the current price is fair given the quality of materials and rich functionality.

Buyers looking for the ultimate in compactness should look at the Sony WF-1000XM3 True wireless headset . The miniature model is cheaper. Prices for acoustics in Moyo are adequate. The store successfully competes with similar marketplaces, offering excellent quality products and impeccable service in the Audio and headphones segment.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the capabilities of the Headphones Connect app. In the program you can:

  • view headset status, battery charge level;
  • adjust the sound taking into account the current activities, if the automatic selection does not suit you;
  • set the intensity of noise reduction;
  • adjust the equalizer;
  • reassign the squelch button;
  • configure auto power off.
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