Mother’s Day: 10 essential series on motherhood

As every first Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is celebrated. Mother yes there is more than one. There’s a lot. And many types. And these ten series on motherhood show you that there are many different ways to approach life as a mother.

Mother's Day: 10 essential series on motherhood

If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day with yours or if you are and want to live a night of rest and series, these options show us all kinds of stories and situations. Reconciling work and family, tiredness, exhaustion, decisions or satisfaction and affection. All kinds of situations and mothers that we can see on Netflix, on Amazon Prime Video, on SkyShowtime or on HBO Max with these series.Mother's Day: 10 essential series on motherhood


The assistant

One of the best series in recent years is, without a doubt, The Assistant. Available on Netflix and with only ten episodes, it shows us the harsh reality of a mother who will do everything possible for the well-being of her daughter. Margaret Qualley plays Alex. She is a young mother who will run away from home in the middle of the night along with her daughter Maddy from her to get her away from a life of abuse and violence. She will ask for help from social services to start a new life that will not be easy for her. A life in which she will have to fight to work, to find a place to sleep and she will see how even asking for help can be a great challenge. A story of overcoming and fighting in one of the best series that you can see if you are looking for stories of motherhood and fighting.

Platform: Netflix

Chapters: One season, ten chapters

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At SkyShowtime we can see Smilf again if you didn’t see it at the time on Movistar Plus+. A series that seeks to reflect the difficulty of being a single mother. Single and young mother in a world where conciliation is never easy and everyone around you makes it even more difficult. Motherhood moving away from the idealizable and with a protagonist who must take care of her daughter while she struggles to find a stable job but also not to give up her dreams, to live a life.

Platform: Skyshowtime

Episodes: Two seasons, 18 episodes

This is us

There are few more beautiful and tear-jerking series than This is us. We can see it in full on Amazon Prime Video and on Disney+ you can see it if you are ready to cry in each of its episodes. Although motherhood is not as such the epicenter of the series, it is an important part of it. From Rebecca’s day to day with her triplets but also the lives of her triplets once they are adults and trying to do it in the best possible way. Love and family as the axis of an essential dramatic comedy with six seasons in total and more than one hundred chapters.

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Big Little Lies

They are apparently perfect mothers but it is not so. They suffer, they have lives that little or nothing resemble perfection. And they are friends and they will stick together no matter what. If you are looking for an investigative mystery thriller, Big Little Lies is one of the best. Only two seasons that will investigate a murder of which we do not know who is the culprit or who is the victim . Only that it happened at a party at a school with high-income students and rich and powerful families. But nothing is what it seems and motherhood is once again the focus of this HBO Max series.

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Ginny and Georgia

Available from February 2021, Ginny and Georgia is a mother-daughter story. And that it has a lot of those “Gilmore Girls” that we saw decades ago. Georgia will leave with her two children in search of a new life. Ginny, her teenage daughter , will have to adapt to a new environment at a difficult age. New classmates, new school, new attempts to make friends. And a mother and daughter complicity that will always be a refuge when starting from scratch is complicated.

Watch Ginny and Georgia on Netflix

Gilmore Girls

On Netflix you can watch “Gilmore Girls” in full. Seven seasons of a series that premiered twenty years ago and that you have surely seen on television at some time. Rory Gilmore and his single mother Lorelai live in Connectivity in a day to day work, school, love, friends. A total of 153 episodes that will follow the daily life of the two women in one of the classics of motherhood on TV.

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working mothers

Motherhood in all its forms and versions is the axis of “Working Moms”, one of Netflix’s greatest comedy hits in recent years. Sorority, conciliation and times of change. Four women are the protagonists of this series and try to reconcile being a mother with their family relationships, with love or with their aspirations and their professional careers. But it is not always easy.

Watch Working Moms on Netflix

The Letdown

Another of the most popular on Netflix if you are looking for the best series on motherhood is “The Letdown”. Audrey is the mother of a two-month-old baby and will join a group of new parents to try to find help and support . An entertaining comedy with situations in which you will see yourself represented if you are or have been a mother and that seeks to make visible the changes you face when a baby appears in your life. But without neglecting humor, sarcasm and irony.

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Day to day

It is not as such a series about motherhood but there is a lot of it in “Day by day”. Although unfairly cancelled, one of the best sitcoms on Netflix and one of the essentials. Follow the Alvarez family. Penelope is the mother of two teenage children and lives with her mother, grandmother Lydia. Lydia is an emigrant to the United States who misses, at every moment and every opportunity, her native Cuba. Day by day is a series about women, about women who get ahead, about a matriarchy in which grandmother and mother will take care of teenage children with ideas that do not always fit. Intelligent humor, current dialoguesand all kinds of topics that are covered in Day by day and that deserve you to dedicate a few hours to it when you are looking to disconnect.

Platform: Netflix


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