No more ironing: 4 tips to knead your pieces less

Ironing clothes is not a task enjoyed by everyone. Careful work of removing marks from parts often requires more patience than some people have. This is enhanced by the fact that some clothes have a sensitive fabric that at the slightest touch is already capable of making the garment look like it came out of a full suitcase. Thus, it is necessary to spend even more time when ironing.

However, some tips can help anyone suffering from this task. With that in mind, we have prepared a list for you to prevent your clothes from creasing too much and, thus, having more time to do what you really like. Check out!


1) Use good fabric softeners

To make your clothes easier to iron, the procedure starts with washing. Using good fabric softeners helps to make clothes softer and thus more resistant to marks. When placing the pieces in the washer, deposit the washing powder and the softener in the indicated containers and in the quantity indicated by the product packaging. Attention: do not apply the softener in large quantities; otherwise, instead of facilitating the passage, you will end up having even more difficulties.


2) Dry the parts on the hanger

When drying your pieces, give preference to drying them with the help of hangers. This technique is excellent because it leaves the pieces well stretched (but without forcing the fabric) and, thus, they will dry in a position similar to the one they are in our body. An incredible tip is to opt for the hanging clothes dryers , which work with a quick drying and on the hanger, combining the advantage of the pieces drying vertically.


3) Extend the parts well on the clothesline

If you prefer not to use hangers when drying your clothes, simply extend them in an organized manner on the clothesline. Try to keep them as straight as possible, but without stretching them too much so that the fabric does not deform. Choose to extend blouses and T-shirts over the shoulder and trousers over the waist, in the position where the pieces are usually used on the body; thus, you follow the same logic and function as the hangers.


4) Use an ironing solution

Another interesting tip is to use and abuse the ironing solutions. Just apply the solution over the dry parts, seconds before ironing them. The goal is to soften the parts even more and facilitate the ironing process. On the market, there are several options available! In addition to making ironing easier, this type of solution still leaves the pieces smelling delicious!

Now that you know how to prevent your pieces from wrinkling and, thus, make the process of ironing even easier, no more suffering! Make your day-to-day more practical, so that you can spend time on really useful activities. So, how about checking 4 devices with 2 in 1 function that can help your daily cleaning routine ?


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