4 precautions to take before washing clothes

Washing clothes can seem like a simple and often quick task. However, for those who do not practice the task or are living alone for the first time, putting the parts to wash is not that simple. What care is needed? How long does the washing take? How much product should I use? These are some of the questions that many are often asked.

What few know is that care starts even before the machine is started. Some details before washing clothes can make all the difference in the quality of the cleaning of the garments. Thinking about it, we prepared this post with 4 tips to put into practice before starting washing clothes . Check out!

1) Turn clothes inside out

Before placing the parts inside the machine, the ideal is to turn the inside out one by one. This ensures that your clothes are cleaned equally, but without allowing pressure from water and cleaning products to come into direct contact with the right side. This prolongs the quality of the clothing and ensures that the fabrics are not damaged.

2) Separate the white and colored pieces

This tip is classic, but we must always remember its importance. Before putting everything in the washing machine , separate the white pieces in one pile and the colored pieces in another. Do a wash for each type of piece and thus avoid that one piece ends up staining the other. Another interesting tip is to separate, still, in three piles, to include the black pieces separately!

3) Watch out for zippers, buttons and ties

It is common that we have clothes in the most different models, stylized and with different details. But this can be a problem if you don’t pay enough attention when washing your clothes. Parts that have a zipper, for example, must be closed and locked; the same goes for clothes with buttons, which must be washed with all closed; in the case of ties, it is important to tie the two ends together. All this is because, during washing, which is a very delicate process in terms of friction, these details can happen to get tangled or damaged if they are loose.

4) Empty the pockets

It is always good to check the pockets of each piece before placing it in the machine. That’s because we always have a habit of storing things (and even trash) in our pockets during the day. Removing everything is extremely important as a simple piece of paper can make the most dirt inside the machine and even damage other parts. Imagine, then, if it is a piece of candy or gum? Always check your pockets!


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