How to break pieces of obolite in Returnal

Returning Obolites are one of the in-game resources that you’ll use to craft items and other in-game artifacts. Any oboliths you collect during a run will be lost once you die, which is where using the obolith repository in Returnal is useful. . Of course, getting that “coin” somehow requires you to smash Obolite Chunks scattered around the world or defeat enemies. In this guide we will explain how to break pieces of obolite in Returnal and how to use the Obolite repository .

Breaking pieces of obolite back/How to break pieces of obolite in Returnal.

To break the obolite pieces in Returnal, you will need to get the Atropian Blade, which we detail how to unlock in our ‘How to Melee’ guide. pressing Square when standing next to one.

There are also Malignant Obolith pieces that are purple in color. These will also return the oboliths to you, but will also have the potential to cause a malfunction.

How to break pieces of obolite in Returnal/Using the Obolite repository

The Obolite repository is a device that exchanges Ether and Obolites with each other. Ether is used to cleanse evil items and you need to use the Reconstructor, which allows you to respawn from the last one you used when you die, rather than at the crash site you normally would.

To use the returning Obolith repository, tap Triangle to exchange 5 Ether for 200 Oboliths, or Square to exchange 300 Oboliths for 5 Ether.

This is useful, as any Ether you acquire while racing will stay with you when you respawn, unlike Obolites. As such, if you have a ton of Obolites in a single run and you find an Obolite Repository, we recommend swapping a few for Ether to use a Reconstructor in future runs.

That’s all you need to know about Obolites again , how to break pieces of obolite, and using the Obolite Deposit . Our wiki has many more tips and tricks to help you uncover the secrets of Atropos!


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