Drying clothes: what is the best way to get rid of wet jeans?

Who never, in the middle of the rush, looked for a planned piece in the wardrobe and remembered that it was drying on the clothesline? Sometimes, we plan what we are going to wear with a specific garment and it is only in the 45th second half that we discover that it will be impossible to use it, since it is all wet. This problem, moreover, tends to be much more recurrent in times of rain and cold, when clothes need more time to dry.

In addition, there are parts that are more difficult than others. This is the case with winter clothes and jeans. In the first case, the damage is minor, since thicker clothes are not common items in our daily lives. But what about the wardrobe joker? Jeans, which are present in most people’s daily lives, need almost three times more drying time than a knit shirt, for example. How to facilitate this process?

Common habits

If you ask someone for ways to dry clothes faster, the variety of advice will be wide. However, almost none of them are recommended. Whether it is not suitable, because it damages the fabric of the pieces or even for safety reasons, there are few ways of drying that are really efficient. Below, we’ll talk about one of the most famous pieces of advice.

Dry behind the refrigerator

This is one of the worst recommendations when it comes to drying clothes. This is because, in addition to compromising the fabric of the piece, you end up also compromising the functioning of equipment that was not developed for this function. There is another detail: after washing the pieces with carefully selected products to guarantee that good smell of clean clothes , leaving them to dry behind the refrigerator will put all this work at risk.

In addition, the time it will take your jeans to dry will be no short time. Remember: jeans are a heavy piece and your refrigerator is not designed to dry clothes!

After all, how to guarantee dry jeans quickly?

The best option for drying pieces (shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, etc.) jeans is, without a doubt, the clothes dryer . Designed for drying all types of clothes, it is a safe and efficient equipment for the task. With specific cycles for different parts and quantities, drying is complete – no wet clothes to wear! -, the smell of the pieces remains and there are still models that have the function of softening the clothes.

If the model is a hanging clothes dryer, there is another advantage. The pieces – which dry on hangers – come out smoother in the process, some of them even needing to be ironed. Depending on the capacity of the dryer, you can work with up to 10kg of laundry! That corresponds to about 30 jeans at once!

Now that you know a little more about how to dry jeans more easily and get rid of the hassle of wet garments when you need them most, how about getting to know the practicality of the S575 hanging clothes dryer ? Check out!


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