NBA 2K20 guide, cheats, tips and secrets

2K Sports returns to the fray with NBA 2K20 , the delivery for this year of the most popular basketball simulator on our consoles that comes with some new features at a playable level, with profound changes in the creation of a character in My Career and with more variety in the My Team mode so that we can form our dream quintet in the NBA.

In this guide we will discover the different Locker Codes that 2K publishes. These Locker Codes or dress codes are “secret” codes that allow us to obtain certain prizes such as exclusive kits, credits to invest in the My Race or My Team modes and even envelopes with new players to form our squad.

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In addition, we will also review all the teams present in the game . One more year we will find all the NBA teams in addition to the inclusion of women’s basketball through the WNBA with all the teams in the most important women’s basketball league on the planet.

Of course, this NBA 2K20 also has the All-Time teams where the best players of all time gather from all the existing franchises in the NBA. In addition, as every year we also have historical teams that bring to life the quintets that won the ring or that marked the competition during certain years such as the Bulls of the 90/91 season or the Lakers of the year 2000.


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