Alley Oop in NBA 2k20

We explain how to do Alley Oop in NBA 2k20. The buttons, the players, and also the placement. In addition to other plays such as the Auto or the Multi Alley Oop

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  • 1Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Buttons
  • 2Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Variations
    • 1With the Ball
    • 2No Ball
    • 3Blocking
  • 3Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Auto Alley Oop
  • 4Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Multi Alley Oop
  • 5Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Which Players?

The Alley Oop is perhaps the most spectacular play you can make in NBA 2k20. Although it requires some coordination, you will see that it is easier than you thought. So we are going to show you how to perform the Alley Oop and some variants of it:

Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Buttons

Although, as we anticipated, there are variants, all the buttons you need to press to perform an Alley Oop are:

  • PlayStation – PS4: Triangle + Triangle
  • Xbox One: Y + Y
  • Nintendo Switch: X + X

Now, as we already anticipated, there are variants

Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Variations

With the ball

If you are the passer, all you need to do well is for an attacker to enter the basket. When you press the Alley Oop buttons (being a passer) you will see how an attacker is heading towards the area, if this does not happen, cancel the play. If the attacker goes to the basket your only problem will be that the defenders block it. So to make an alley oop as a passer what you should be concerned about is if the attackers who can receive your pass can really penetrate. If you are doing a numerically superior counter, it will almost certainly turn out well for you. But if it is a static attack with 5 well-positioned defenders, it will be more difficult

By the way, if you carry the ball you can also do the alley opp on your own, although we will explain it to you later.

Without Ball

The logic is exactly the same, although now, as an attacker, you will have to point the left stick towards the basket to make the penetration. And also evaluate if you can penetrate the defense or if you have a clear path.


If the path is clear, there is not much more to say. But if you see that the defense is well positioned, you will have to force the situation:

Ask for a lock and do a lateral penetration to create spaces

Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Auto Alley Oop

If you really want to humiliate your opponent, this is your move.

The requirement is that you carry the ball, have a clear path to the basket and a minimum of space to execute the play. If you think you can do it, use the combination of buttons that we showed you at the beginning and with the left stick point to the basket.

Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Multi Alley Oop

Another very showy play in which the attacker instead of crushing passes it to a third player

Only try it if you have two more or less free attackers to the basket. It is done by repeating the button combination with the first receiver. That is, for example on PS4 the pin presses Triangle + Triangle, and the receiver instead of crushing again presses Triangle + Triangle so that a third player arrives and crushes. If you are completely alone, you could keep pressing the button combination as many times as you want.

Alley Oop in NBA 2k20 – Which Players?

Any player can do an Alley Oop, but there are some better than others, so if you don’t want to fail try:


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