The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening guide, cheats, tips and secret

Welcome to our guide to The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening , remake of the eponymous Game Boy game, now on Nintendo Switch. One of the great adventures of the golden generation of the role returns with the same fun, but a more than updated aspect and even certain new features that significantly extend the hours of play.


step-by-step guide and, as always, without spoilers , so you can complete the game 100% . As usual, we will indicate at all times what to do, what optional activities you can do, if it is necessary for you to stop to get something in particular … And, of course, all the dungeons, puzzles and bosses that you will have to defeat .


  • Toronbo coastline :Link wakes up on the island of Koholint.
  • Mysterious Forest :we begin to explore the island.
  • Tail Cave :The first dungeon will not be a great challenge.
  • Goponga Swamp :An altercation sets Link on a new path.
  • Pitcher’s Grotto :The second dungeon hides a new power for Link.
  • Ukuku Prairie :We look for the route to the next instrument.
  • Kanalet Castle :We are looking for a way to find the key to the next dungeon.
  • Cave of the Key :the third dungeon will give us access to boots that allow us to run even more.
  • Yarna Desert :a wasteland hides the key to advance.
  • Nether Tunnel :Our hero discovers how not to drown in deep water.
  • Martha’s Bay : Wewill have unexpected company as we search for the next dungeon.
  • Maw of the Catfish :a skeleton warrior will punch us throughout this dungeon.
  • Journey to the Temple :Our new destination will not reveal mysteries, but will put a new one in front of us.
  • Temple of the Face :our hero finds something that will make him even stronger.
  • The Mountain :we go to one of the highest places on the Island of Koholint.
  • Eagle Tower :You can only get to the top of the dungeon by destroying an entire floor of it.
  • West of the Tal Tal Range : Westill have a dungeon to complete.
  • Turtle Rock :Link finds the last of the instruments.
  • The Egg :the time has come to wake up the Fish of the Wind.

Conch shells

The Conch Shells are back . We will show you how to find all of them in the game, and what to do with them. A small preview: they are exchanged for some interesting objects.

  • Mansion Conch :discover where to deliver your Conch, and the rewards you will get for it.
  • How to know which conch shells you have caught and which ones you have not :for completists who do not take things in order.
  • Where to find them all :video, text and image locations.

Pieces of Heart

A whole classic. To increase your maximum life, you will have to get 4 Heart Pieces , which will become a full heart container to increase your resistance to attacks. So that you do not have problems finding them, we tell you how to find the 32 Pieces .

All the Heart Pieces and how to get them .

  • How to know which pieces you have taken and which have not :essential if you go to your own air and then want to clean.
  • Where to find all the Heart Pieces :again, you have it available in video, text and images.

Super mario figures

One of the new collectibles are the Super Mario Figures , miniatures of some of Mario’s enemies . Here we will show you how to get them and what to do with them.

  • All the figures and where to place them :how to get them and where to deposit them in order to advance.
  • Rewards for achieving them all :great benefits for such hard work.

Exchange of objects

A side mission of the game … but not so much. There will come a point that you will have to have obtained a certain object, and for that, you will have to exchange some objects for others until you get what you are really looking for . And how could it be otherwise, we will explain that in detail in our Chain of Exchange guide .

Obtaining all these items will be necessary in order to enter the Kanalet Castle , get the Boomerang and discover the route of the final dungeon .

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Frequent questions

  • How to catch big fish :most fish are sure to escape you. Do not worry, we give you a trick so that it does not happen again.
  • Musical secret :there is avery easy easter egg to complete to see a detail indicated to veterans.
  • Steal Items :If you don’t mind being condemned for all eternity, you can pick up free items from the store.
  • Color Dungeon –Discover this secret dungeon and how to change your clothes for more defense or more damage.
  • Dampé’s Hut :blueprints for challenge dungeons, rewards …
  • Sign Maze –Complete the maze to learn a must-have song to move forward.
  • Secret Ending :Are You Eligible to View a Postcredit Sequence?


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