Multigrade variant

Multigrade variants . Methodology applied in primary education to improve cognitive development in students.


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Accuracies in multigrade groups

Rural multigrade school

On the basis of what is stated in the Primary School Model (García, 2004 ), the purpose and objectives designed for the primary school; the characterization of the development of the primary school student by moments of development; the theoretical-methodological conception of the teaching-learning process , as well as each of the aspects included in the model, are applicable to rural schools in their multiple organizational variants. Only with regard to the organizational forms that work can take at the classroom level, it is considered that due to the special characteristics that work with students of different grades has, its conception from other conditions is required, which is why three organizational forms are proposed and direction of the learning process according to the particularities.

Variant 1.

Combine directed activities throughout the class (the teacher works directly with the students of one grade), while those of the other grade carry out the activities independently, according to the directions given by the teacher; and throughout the class they alternate between one grade and another, both directed and independent activities.

Variant 2.

Initial collective activity for the different grades on the same content, alternating at different times in the class with differentiated activities for the different grades, which students can exercise independently and present different levels of difficulty, according to levels of development achieved and grade objectives.

Variant 3.

Organization of activities to be carried out by students of different grades through cooperative work forms, to help students from higher to lower grades, in correspondence with the objectives of the activity .

The application of these and other variants created by teachers require adequate class planning on their part, in which the guiding role is occupied by determining the objectives to be achieved in student learning, and in correspondence With the content of the different subjects and the diagnosis of the students, the didactic methods, means and resources that will favor their fulfillment are selected, also taking into account the television spaces that affect each grade at different times, which leads to a special planning.


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