How to live the time of Lent?

Lent is a time of grace, a true Kairos, a time of the manifestation of God. This time is characterized by two very important realities: looking at Jesus and being converted.

Some attitudes can help us to live the time of Lent better

At this time, we are led by the Church to follow Jesus in his last moments of life so that, together with Him, we learn what love and mercy is. Several times, the Lord reveals himself as the Father’s merciful face, assuming until the last consequences the Father’s will, which is to save each child. It is a way of “ascending” not only to Jerusalem, but to the highest degree of love that is realized on the cross.

Jesus will often announce His Passion saying that the Son of Man must suffer a lot, be rejected and killed, but on the third day he will be resurrected. We also see in these advertisements the Lord’s desire to surrender. There is your willingness to give up your life in our rescue. Not only did he talk about the love that is revealed in giving his life for his friends, but he did it in his own life. Thus, it became the most sublime example that we must follow to really be happy.

It’s conversion time

Lent is also conversion, life review and attitude change. Everything contributes to this in this period: the liturgy , the songs, the prayers. It is time to look at everything we have lived and how we have lived: our relationships at home, at work, at school, our relationship with God. Has He been our everything? Is our relationship with Him one of trust, intimacy and love?

Lent is a time of forgiveness. The prophet Isaiah tells us in chapter 30, 18: “In view of this, the Lord looks forward to the time to forgive you. He takes the initiative to show you compassion, for the Lord is a just God, happy are those who hope in him ”.

It is a time of great grace. It is the Lord who takes the initiative to show us compassion. In our parishes, in addition to the normal confession time, we have confession efforts , penitential celebrations. Everything becomes conducive to our conversion. Therefore, we must not waste time.

Some of our attitudes can help us to dive deeply into this grace

For example:
– Take advantage of this time to silence a little, create a climate of interiority; avoid loud music at home and in the bedroom; value those that lead us to greater reflection and prayer .
– Set aside time in the day for personal prayer. Create a small altar in your home or bedroom. There, place a crucifix, a candle, an open Bible, so that the atmosphere is inviting to prayer.
– On Fridays, if possible, meditate on the stations of the Via Sacra. This will help you immerse yourself in the mystery of the Lord’s Passion.
– During Lent, also propose to do works of mercy. For example: visiting a sick person, visiting an asylum, taking some concrete help to a poorer family, such as clothes you are no longer wearing or food. All of this will generate, in your heart, a feeling of joy at being able to do something good to someone.

– Lent is time to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. If you have someone you need to forgive, ask God for the grace to grant that forgiveness and if it was you who hurt that person, take the step toward the person and ask for forgiveness. It is time to rebuild the bridges of reconciliation.
– Confession is fundamental at this time, do not leave it until the last minute, look for the priest during Lent so that, assisted by the grace of that sacrament, you reap all the fruits of this time.

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Lent is understood as a great retreat, a 40-day retreat, in which we turn our heart to the Lord and receive a new life from Him. For some years now, we at Canção Nova have been doing this experience through Dom Alberto’s popular retreat . It has enabled us to live this time in an intense and profound way. This is another way to live this period well.

The important thing is that you and I become aware of everything the Lord wants to accomplish in our lives and strive to not let grace pass.


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