How does Facebook Live work

Knowing how Facebook Live works will help you get the most out of this powerful video streaming tool offered by today’s most important social network.

For this reason we have prepared this article, in which you can find not only the explanation of what this tool is for, but also what are the characteristics and functions it has.

In addition, we will explain in an easy and fast way all the uses that you can give to FB Live . Finally, we will teach you how to take the first steps in Live and become a true expert in live broadcasts. Let’s get started.


 What is Facebook Live and what is this Facebook tool for?

Facebook Live is a publishing tool that FB has integrated in 2010 . Its objective is that users can stream videos or live audio in high quality and in the simplest possible way Unlike other platforms, Facebook Live is completely free and you can make transmissions from your mobile, tablet, laptop or computer.

In addition, they can be uploaded to groups, profiles or Fan Page , it is even valid to promote or schedule them. So it also allows content creators to earn money through the inclusion of advertisements. To start using this function, you just have to activate the Live button on your profile or page, which is not difficult, but it has some secrets that you should keep in mind.

What are the features and functions of Facebook Live? What can be done from it?

The broadcast begins when you press the “Live” button , this will cause your followers to receive a notification indicating that you have started a new live content. Once the broadcast starts, viewers can comment from an open chat that is enabled for all users, although you can also customize this option. In addition to being able to chat with you and other visitors to the broadcast, users can also post reactions such as “I like” , “Emojis” or “I love it . 

From this comes one of the most outstanding features of FB Live . The interactions in the Live are much more than in other publications of the same or another social network, which makes the living of Facebook a very accepted and efficient tool at the same time. This is because you can share screen, make private chats and monetize your content.


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But this is not all, the Zuckerberg network has arranged that various platforms can be added to help streams. One of them is Live Producer, which increases the improvements you can make to your broadcasts. For example, you will be able to pair encoding software, adjust resolution and audio, program content, and more. To enter this panel you need to be on a computer or laptop.

You also have Creator Studio , a tool developed by FB to manage pages. From here you can view metrics, messages, manage content, and publish Lives, all in one place. It can be accessed from the browser through the URL by installing the app on the smartphone. Facebook Live is a very useful resource for Community Managers , gamers and anyone who wants to grow their page.

Since it is possible that live transmissions can be launched with a high quality resolution , but if you prefer you can choose the 720p that is established by default. However, for Facebook Gaming or Level Up partners it is possible to broadcast up to FHD, 4K and more. You can link the console, make simultaneous transmissions or take out your mobile and start recording tournaments or online games of video games.

 Uses and application of FB Live What can we use this streaming tool for?

The uses of streams on FB are very varied and should be oriented to your main social media strategy . Through a live Facebook broadcast you will be able to do interviews, do tutorials, show an event and give talks on related topics on your channel. In addition, you can show your product, expose an opening of a new point of sale, teach an experiment and even give classes online Yes, there is room for any kind of streamer, be it chef, adventurer, personal motivator, fitness, designer or gamer.

In fact, for gamers there is an extra platform called Facebook Gaming . These have exclusive monetization privileges . For example, they can receive stars, place ads, and encourage sponsorships , among other things. Lives can be very well suited to any need that is focused on the growth of a personal brand or a product . Everything is in adding value to the followers so that growth increases.

 Learn how to take your first steps on Facebook Live to get the most out of this tool

The first thing you should do to use FB Live is to check the upload speed of your Internet connection , since the minimum bandwidth is at least 5 Mbps upload . This will allow you to maintain a stable and quality transmission, but if you have 3 or 2 Mbps you should know that in these conditions you will have to minimize the quality to avoid the leakage of viewers.


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If you want to take your stream to the highest level of quality, you will have to configure some backup transmission software from a computer or laptop These are very useful , especially for video games, the most common are OBS Studio (free) and XSplit (paid), both for PC. While Streamlabs you can download it and use it from your computer, smartphone and tablet.

Remember that you can still broadcast from your mobile or tablet with your camera, in that case it is you who decides whether to use the streaming programs or not . In any case, in the following paragraphs you will see how to do the complete procedure, with coding software included .

Pay attention to the step by step you must do to get the most out of Facebook Live and become an expert in live broadcasts:

 Login to Facebook

From the browser of your computer or laptop, go to and log in .

Then continue like this:

  • Choose the place where you would like to publish the live broadcast, in your biographyon one of your pages , once you have chosen the section you will have to enter it.

 Open the Producer tool

What you will have to do now is use the platform that will help you with the editing and customization of the transmission.

To do this, you will have to do these steps:

  • Click on the button located at the top of the screen, “Live Video”. This will automatically open the Producertool , if you are about to stream from your PC.
  • Now you will have to choose if you will use the webcam, a stream key or the paired encoder.
  • In this case select “Use stream key”in the left section of Live Producer . You will get a key that you will have to copy and use in the next steps.

 Access the video editor

In this case we will use OBS Studio as an example , which you can download by entering the link to your trusted browser.

Once you’ve logged in, continue like this:

  • When you have opened another tab on the computer with the OBS Studio program, you must create a new scene.
  • In the “Window and audio” sectionyou can enter to customize web cameras, external microphones, among others.
  • Use the “Settings”tab when you need to modify the resolution, fps, video bitrage and so on.

 Connect with FB Live


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What you will have to do now is synchronize Facebook Live with the video editor .

For this you will need to use the key that you obtained before, the process that you will have to do is as follows:

  • When you are in the “Settings”option , go to “Emission” and click on “Service” . This will allow you to choose the “Facebook Live” tool from the drop-down options .
  • In the field “Stream key”paste the key that you got in FB when you created the event.
  • Choose the “Apply” buttonlocated in the lower left corner.
  • While in the main OBSwindow, click on “Start transmission”.
  • Then head over to Facebookand go to the Live Producer dashboard to preview the video.
  • Once connected select the “Cast”tool in the Producer panel to begin streaming.


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Do you want to do it from your mobile? Then just open your FB app and click on “Live Video” , which you can find in the posts menu at startup. From here you will have access to start the broadcast with your own camera. Adjust the audience, tags and even the “Start with a friend” option. Finally, click on “Start” and that’s it !

 Perform a live audio broadcast

In case you want to transmit only one audio, you will have to do this step by step:

  • Open your FB appor log in from the browser, if you are on your PC.
  • Locate yourself on your profile, on a page or in a group.
  • Click on the “Live”option and touch the 3 dots above, in the left corner.
  • A menu will openat the bottom where you must select “Live Audio”.
  • Choose a photothat will be used in the background during the broadcast.
  • Now you are ready to click on “Start Live Audio”.

 Broadcast your broadcasts

Within Facebook on your PC, click on the “Live” tool from your Fan Page or profile .

Then continue with this guide:

  • When you press “Live,” Live Producerwill automatically open .
  • Now click on “Schedule Live Streaming”.
  • Choose the time, date, title, description and privacyof the stream.
  • Click on “Next.” In this section is where you will place the photo that will be announced in the publication.
  • When scheduling your event, it will appear at the beginning of your contacts and on your Fan Page.
  • Also, your contacts will receive a notification when you are broadcasting.

Another way to broadcast your content in real time before the broadcast is to publish an image with the stream times . In addition, you can make a direct invitation to your fans and contacts. Counting down your blog or Fan Page also helps.

Another good idea is to promote your live through ads that must be real-time videos uploaded to a page. To do this, you will have to find your scheduled video and select the “Promote publication” option Choose the audience, the budget and other aspects. Once this is done, finish with “Promote Post” again.

 List of the best FB Live tricks to get the most out of this Facebook feature

If you want to become a true professional in Facebook Live broadcasts , we recommend that you continue reading. We will show you the best tricks of this powerful FB tool so that you get the most out of it.

Let’s get started:

 Ask for stars

For content creators, Facebook created the star activation feature . Which consists of users who watch the live donate all the stars they want to the owner of the transmission, as a sign of gratitude. Each star equals € 0.01 .


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Of course, to activate them you have to be a managed member and belong to the Level Up program . Then from Creator Studio you can select “Set Stars” to further monetize your projections. For this reason, it is convenient that you obtain as many stars as possible. For this, it will be necessary for you to broadcast valuable content , have empathy with your followers and, above all, broadcast fun content.

 Monetize with ads

In addition to making money with the stars, you can also do it with the inclusion of advertisements. The advertising is inserted throughout the video, at the beginning or at the end , which you can choose or schedule for Facebook to perform this task automatically. For this you must meet a series of requirements . For example, the video must be at least 1 minute long and must be a Facebook partner. In addition, you have to follow parameters related to three minutes of playback.

 Use Live Chat With Friends

If you activate Live Chat With Friends or private chat rooms with friends, in your live sessions you can control which friend comments in the chat. That is, no other viewer who is not selected will be able to comment . To do this, you must create private discussion rooms about the video that you are broadcasting. Although this option is in a development test period, it is already present in the mobile version of several regions.

 Activate Facebook With

Thanks to the “Live with” function the presenter of the stream can add a friend to the broadcast. Before, this advantage was only open to celebrities or recognized characters, however, you can already access it from your mobile before or during the broadcast. The second person can appear in a box in the corner or share a screen with you.

 Online events and cross-posting

Before, events could only be determined for physical sites, while today they can also be scheduled 100% online. Which allows you to take full advantage of FB Lives. To activate this tool you must go to the main menu and then select the news section .

Next, you will have to click on “Create” and select “Online” from where you can integrate the streaming. And if you have multiple pages you can cross post your stream. This is adjusted in the editor section or from Creator Studio, the fundamental requirement being that the Fan Pages have been created simultaneously. You are now ready to get the most out of it and show the world your content in real time!


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