How to broadcast live with Facebook

Knowing what OBS Studio is for in Facebook Live broadcasts will help you enhance your streaming content and become a true professional in video editing and broadcasting.

Due to this, we have prepared this article in which you can find all the information related to this editing tool. You will know the most interesting functions and features of OBS explained in a simple way. 

But this is not this, we will also show you the step by step to use this powerful editor on Facebook Live . Finally, you will find a list of the best alternative tools to OBS.


 What is OBS and what is this tool for in Facebook Live broadcasts?

OBS Studio is the forerunner of many of today’s streaming shows . It is free software, open source and one of the easiest to use. It is compatible with almost all the best and most important social networks like Facebook , YouTube and Twitch . It has a large number of configuration tools for sound and video, which are very intuitive, thus generating space for the novice user.

It is a program that is used to transmit videos through the web, using a reference platform (in this case it is Facebook, although you can also broadcast on Facebook Live from a video game console ). Thanks to OBS Studio you can mix images , include templates, filters and create buttons to receive donations from viewers.

This app, whose full name is Open Broadcaster Software, is managed by the OBS Project organization . It is developed with the C and C ++ language, so it can work on different operating systems such as Linux, MacOS and Windows . Because it is so complete and efficient, its graphical interface is a benchmark for those who want to start streaming live .

What are the coolest features and functions of OBS? What can I do with it?

With the help of this program you can record from a webcam or from a professional camera and broadcast on the networks. In addition, it is possible to record the screen of the computer or the game console without resolution problems, you will be able to adjust the different parameters of equalization, bitrate and recording format, among other elements. This is why gamers prefer OBS Studio for being the most accurate and complete software .


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Although it is true that its use may seem complicated at times , little by little it is easy to become familiar with each of its functions. You can even add certain plugins or extensions according to your needs . And if you are not that expert, you can also automatically configure the frame rate per second, the percentage ratio of the bits and the sound equalization.

Besides these features can be found in OBS Studio:

  • Multiple screenlog .
  • Various hotkeys, allowing you to choose different video sources.
  • Easy to create tutorials, thanks to the supports it offers.
  • Possibility to configure multiple scenes.
  • Keyboard shortcutsto access different functions.
  • Wide variety of visual effects
  • Personalization in themesfor the graphical interface.
  • Decreased workload when using a QuickSynccard .

 Learn step by step how to set up and use OBS to broadcast live with Facebook Live from scratch

Next, we will show you the step by step you should do when you want to configure and use OBS Studio to broadcast live from your Facebook Live account from scratch.

Read carefully:

 Prior verification: keep a good internet connection in mind

An important tip, before transmitting, is to verify the speed of connection to the web, if you do not know your speed then try our Speed ​​Test tool . Clicking on the Start button will not only indicate the download speed but also the upload speed To work with OBS Studio, the connection must be at least 5 to 10 Mbps to be able to broadcast a quality live video. Of course, 2.5 to 3 Mbps is usually enough for low-demand broadcasts.

 Download and install OBS Studio

What you will have to do now is download the application on your computer , you must ensure that the operating system is Windows, MacOS or Linux.

The steps you will do are the following:

  • Head to the official OBS website, so you will need to type in the URL .
  • Click on “Download”.
  • Choose the operating system(Linux, Windows or MacOS) of your computer or laptop.
  • Click again on the button that says “Download Installer”.
  • Wait for the software to download and go to the Downloads or Downloadfolder on your PC or Mac.
  • Open the program with the Administrator profile, grant the permissions and start installing on your computer.


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 Start a live video on Facebook

Parallel to the download of the program, or before, you can open the browser and enter . This will be necessary to create your video in real time and obtain a transmission key.

After this, you will have to follow this guide:

  • Log inwith your username and enter the access password .
  • Being on the main page, go to the “Publish” section and press the “Live” button.
  • If you are on your computerand with a compatible browser, Live Producer will open automatically. This is a very useful tool to configure the basic things of the stream.

 Create the stream key

In this step you will have to create a key that you will use in subsequent steps, do the following:

  • Enter theProducer configuration panel and choose the “Use a stream key” tool from the buttons located in the right section.
  • Give the video title and description.
  • Next, configure the privacy, where you want to publish the videoand the other characteristics of your broadcast.
  • Now scroll the screen, and in the right section of the ” Live API” box you will find the “Stream Key” function .
  • Copy this PINand then paste it into the streaming software, don’t forget to leave the window open.

 Adjust scene, source and sound parameters

What you will have to do now is customize the different functions that OBS Studio offers you, so you will have to follow this process:

  • Open the programalready installed on your computer.
  • Go to the left corneruntil you find the “Scenes” box .
  • Thenclick on the “Add Scene” button.
  • Write a name to your sceneand continue with the other steps.
  • In the sector called “Fonts”you can add any external font for recording cameras, microphones and more.
  • If you position yourself in the “Audio Mixer”box you can improve the sound according to the decibel range you need to improve the quality of your video.

 Make other audio and video enhancements


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Continue with this procedure:

  • With the previous steps ready, go to the right side menu and click on “Settings”.
  • In the “Video”option, place the output resolution and the frames per second that you want.
  • You may have to experiment with different resolutions and frames per second until yousee that the quality is what you are looking for.
  • In the “Output” section,in the main Settings menu , you can also modify the video bitrate, the audio bitrate and the recording format.

 Finish setting up streaming

You already list the general video and sound settings, you must continue with this step by step:

  • Find the “Broadcast”function and click on it. You will also find this section in the “Settings” menu .
  • When you have accessed Emission, next to “Service”you will have to click on the drop-down menu.
  • Among all the alternatives choose “ Facebook Live”.
  • In the “Transmission key”field , place or paste the code that you obtained when creating your “Live” in the Live Producer panel.


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 Start the live broadcast

Once the stream key has been copied, choose “Apply” between the buttons in the corner of the box and continue like this:

  • In the main view of the software choose ” Start transmission”, in the lower right side menu. This will send the signal to Live Producer on Facebook that you should keep open.
  • Open your FB Producer windowwhere it will start to connect and preview the broadcast.
  • If everything is correct, simply click on the blue Producer button, where it says “Transmit” and that’s it!

Remember that you can always do test broadcasts . In these only the administrators of the Fan Page will be able to see the result. Another important point is to look for a good camera and microphone as a recording source so that you get an impeccable result in your FB Live stream.

 List of the best alternative programs to OBS Studio to broadcast on Facebook Live that you should know

If for any reason you don’t want to use OBS Studio, don’t worry! because there are also very good alternative shows that you can use to broadcast live from Facebook Live.

Know what those software are:

With XSplit you can make Lives in FB like a professional, as it is considered a small production studio . Among the most outstanding benefits that can be found, there is the option of choosing a free version with many tools. And if you want more advanced functions, you just have to switch to its payment method , but you should know that both have a fairly neat and professional interface.

Another of its important features that you can enjoy is the ability to capture multiple webcams . You simply choose the scene and you can record from 1, 2, 3 or more instruments. You also have the possibility of recording the screen of your computer or laptop in a very easy way, which by the way will have an excellent quality.

Unlike XSplit, OBS, or StreamLabs, StreamYard is an online platform. This means that you can stream live videos to different media without having to download programs to your computer. In fact, this is its most notable feature, aside from being free. Although to expand its functions you will have to switch to its paid version. The steps to use it are easy, you just have to enter their site and create an account to start editing your videos .


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You’re confused? Why is this program called StreamLabs OBS? What happens is that StreamLabs took the open source from OBS and added some improvements to it. With this he transformed it into a more complete version of the classic streaming program. The main difference with OBS Studio is the resource consumption of your CPU , which is quite high.

However, it has its distinct advantages in terms of design, use and installation , it is very easy to use for beginners in the streaming world. In addition, with StreamLabs it is possible to find hundreds of custom themes and plugins . That’s not counting its support for Android devices, which is also another contrasting factor with OBS Studio that is more limited in that regard.

Yes, this popular group video calling medium can also be linked to Facebook Live. Of course, this function is only possible in the paid version. This program is ideal if your Fan Page is dedicated to doing interviews, talks or you want to connect distant friends, in addition to being known by almost everyone and has used it at some point, users feel protected and confident with the tool .

Logically, in its free mode, in addition to the 40 minute limit, you will not be able to broadcast live to the networks. But when you pay you will have many useful resources in group video conferences . Emojis, backgrounds, place the participant’s name. Another advantage is that those who do not have the paid modality can join, as long as you are the one who starts the meeting. Sign up and use this platform for your Facebook Live.


A last option for streaming on FB and also for Youtube is Wirecast, coming from Telestream . It is a program compatible with HDM, USB, HD-SDI cameras and more, among its outstanding functions you can find the option of integrating an audio mix, titrator and screen capture. The advantage of this project in relation to others are the customization options. You can include transitions, graphics, sound effects, and video.

On the other hand, with Wirecast it is also feasible to use several cameras at the same time, although you should bear in mind that each of these alternatives have their strengths and weaknesses for you as a streamer. Download Wirecast from choosing the payment method. Whether you choose OBS Studio or any of the tools we show you, don’t let quality slow you down when streaming your Lives on FB ! You will boost your emissions like never before.


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