Facebook Live Producer; What is it

Facebook Live Producer is one of the most important tools that the Facebook social network offers to its users . Thanks to this software you will be able to create professional quality content easily and quickly.

If you want to know what this streaming program is and what it is for, you will have to read this post to the end. We will show you the step by step you must do to avoid making mistakes when you want to broadcast.

But this is not all, we will also recommend the 5 best programs that you can download legally and use as an alternative to FB Live Producer.


 What is Facebook Live Producer and what is this FB Live tool for?

If you have a Fan Page and you want to make it grow , then you cannot miss the opportunity to use Live Producer. This is a native tool that was launched by the network itself in 2017. Its objective is to help content creators in their live broadcasts through access to customizable configuration functions, which are free and generates as a result a professional quality in every Live .

Its popularity is growing by the day because, in just a few steps, the streaming software allows you to start a live show looking like a real expert just using your webcam or other external camera . In other words, it is not necessary to use third-party programs , although it is a good idea to opt for these elements if you want to obtain extra benefits .

Since its implementation, Live can improve interaction with viewers and even select the audience you will address. It does not matter if you want to broadcast a video game, interview, motivational talk or show your products, in all these cases you can use it to edit your videos and improve the templates , choose the best quality and use the appropriate filters for the topic you are dealing with. Finally, as you progress, your followers will find you easier in the “Live” section of FB Watch. .

What are the main functions and features of the Facebook Live Producer? What can we do with it?

Thanks to Live Producer you will go from making rudimentary Lives to authentic audiovisual productions . But how can you use it? Well, you have a multitude of configuration options. For example, it allows you to choose between 3 transition media, via stream key, camera or paired encoder. In this section you will find the code you need to use other third-party platforms (such as OBS Studio or XSplit) and the access key.


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You even find a link to facilitate direct access to your live videos . This tag can be placed in the rest of social networks, your blog or website, among other portals. In addition, in the left section you have all the information you want to place on the live video. Thanks to this field you will be able to modify the title, the labels, the privacy (depending on the target audience), the date of issue and the location, among other characteristics.

It is even feasible to include some descriptive comments about your show to give the viewer more information. By this means you also decide where the publication will be displayed, if on any of your pages, in groups or in your biography. Or if you manage several Fan Pages you have the option to choose “Post on more pages” . In the same way, between the same settings you can “Schedule” your streams, “Have guests” or “See upcoming events”.

All these possibilities improve the quality of the live show and facilitate the creation of various content. By the way, you can use this resource in conjunction with the Creator Studio tool . This is a platform similar to FB Live Producer, but designed for Community Managers and specialized in the metrics of the work you do.

However, do not think that on Facebook Producer you will not find help to improve your metrics . Just go to the top menu to see the status of your streams, charts, polls and more. Therefore, it remains to be answered what is the main objective of Facebook Live Producer and where are these functions oriented? The objective is that you can interact in the best way with your audience during the live performance and that all its functions help you to know how good the performance of your streams has been.

 Learn step by step how to use Facebook Live Producer to broadcast live from any device

We will show you below the process you have to do to use FB Live Producer like a professional.

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 Check out some general concepts before you start

One of the things to keep in mind is that Live Producer only works from certain browsers. Therefore, it is advisable to use the Chrome or Firefox browsers. Although you can always test with your trusted browser to see if they are compatible. In addition to this, it is important that you verify the speed of the Internet connection before starting the live, since this is a key success factor to avoid interruptions and cuts during the transmission.

Don’t forget that the more PC resources you use, the higher the upload speed demand . Although the quality of Live will depend on multiple factors (devices, objective, type of content, etc.), with the above points in mind, you can now enter Live Producer to create high-quality content .

 Enter FB Live Producer

Once you have controlled everything that we mentioned in the previous point, you will be able to access the Facebook live production tool .

To do this, you will have to do this step by step:

  • Log in to Facebookand stay on the home screen of your FB account.
  • Click in the section of your new publications, the button “Live video”. You will find this option next to “Post photo / video” or “Feeling / activity” .
  • Theplatform will automatically redirect you to the Live Producer tool .


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If you cannot find it by this means, you can also enter through this link https://es-la.facebook.com/formedia/solutions/facebook-live, then you will have to choose the “Transmit now” button . However, if you will use this method in the long term, it is important that you learn the route from your account . Just remember that Live can be started from your profile or from your page or group.

Each modality has its unique functions . For example, if you broadcast it by choosing your biography as the destination, you can select exactly who will see it. Instead, the privacy of the Fan Page is limited to geographic and age groups . Meanwhile, everyone in the group will have the possibility to see your videos live.

 Customize live video information

Enter the configuration panel and continue in this way:

  • While in the Producer panel, placethe cursor in the left section.
  • Choose “Broadcast Now”or “Go Live with Other People . 
  • Select from the drop-down menu which channel the stream will be viewed from. In the bio, on a page or in a group.
  • Below this you can indicate the level of privacy of your video, that is, who will see the live.
  • Click on “Follow”and write an attractive title and a meaningful description for your content. Remember that this is key, so you will have to opt for catchy words that generate empathy with your followers.
  • In the right corner of the box you can embed the locationor tag some friends.
  • In this step you must indicate if you will broadcast a video game and enter its name. In this way the game video will have a greater reach.
  • To finish this step, decide if you will do a small test broadcast or not.

 Take a test stream

If you choose to pre-broadcast, keep in mind that only some will be able to see you during the test broadcast. That is, only Fan Page administrators and editors are granted this right so they can help you fine-tune the last details.

 Choose more customizable options

You also have other functions that you can use and that will help you a lot, some of them are to tag a sponsor or raise money. If you still do not have this possibility open, investigate and make the most of it to donate to a just cause. Among the other features you have, you can insert a thumbnail of the video. This will allow users to preview a still image of the live.

 Choose the transmission medium

If you have already passed the previous points, now you must specify what mechanism you will use to make your Live. In the right section of the screen, buttons appear at the top. Decide if you will use a connected camera, stream key, or paired encoder. If you want to use a camera already connected , you only have to overcome the permissions of the operating system of your computer to be able to start transmitting.

By doing so, it will still be possible for you to use webcams or DSLR . If you have more than one recording device, you will have to choose the “Use camera” function in the “Options” box . Within this sector you will have to select the microphone, the camera and the method of sharing screen with the computer. Remember to choose whether to use persistent transmission key or not depending on your marketing strategy.


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If you want to always use the same alternative, just check the corresponding box in the right section. Although it is valid to use the webcam, the fundamental purpose of Live Producer is to go a little further. To improve the transmission quality in terms of video and sound, it is best to opt for the other options. Thus, if you choose to link a third-party streaming software, you can pair your mobile.


“UPDATED ✅ Do you want to know more about Facebook Live Producer and its features? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ and Learn Everything FROM SCRATCH ⭐”

This is ideal for broadcasting game videos or computer tutorials , so you can lean towards using professional recording equipment . For example, professional cameras, lighting and more advanced microphones. Later you will be able to read about the 5 best programs that can be useful in this mode of streaming.

 Adjust the rest of the configuration options

If you don’t want a momentary bad connection to end your stream, continue scrolling down the right section of your screen.

Then do these steps:

  • Openoption ” Settings”.
  • Findthe tool “End live video if streaming stops” uncheck the box.
  • At this very momentyou can choose whether or not to end the publication when you finish the live show. For this, you will have to move the button “Unpublish when the live video ends”.

In the “Playback” option you will find more customization tools. For example, choose whether or not you want users to be able to go back to Live, for this you will have to choose whether your followers will be able to send you messages via Messenger. You can even choose if you will use subtitles during your broadcast. All these functions are activated or deactivated by moving the corresponding buttons.

 Use the interaction tools

To finish, take advantage of the interaction tools, these are located in the top menu (above the general settings). You should keep in mind that using them will make your stream look more professional. And more than this, it is an ideal resource to study what your followers are looking for. Used well, they can complement your strategy by achieving greater reach.

Only in the “Streams Status ” section you will have access to advanced metrics about visual performance. Here you will come across the duration time of each video , the speed of the audio, the resolution and more. From these results you will be able to improve the weak points of each direct.

Likewise, in the “Polls” tab you can ask direct questions to your viewers. These will be displayed throughout the stream and you will be able to see the responses . You can even include “Graphics” to make a corporate video more interactive, for this you will have to choose a pre-established graphics package and use an encoder.

 Start broadcasting

Once the previous steps are ready, check that everything is fine in the small display in the corner. Once this has been verified, click on “Transmit” . Now in a direct line with your followers, you will see the comments in the left bar. They can also send you stars, emoticons, likes and more . With the latest updates you can even invite screen sharing.


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 List of the best external tools to boost your live broadcasts on Facebook Live

There are many ways to exploit Facebook Live Producer , so we invite you to continue reading so that you can choose, if you prefer, which third-party streaming programs to use.

Select the one that best suits your needs:

 OBS Studio

With OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) you will have one of the best third-party streaming programs. This is free, open source , and free for experienced programmers. In addition, it has support for Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems.

Just choose the OS, download it and install it on your computer from the URL https://obsproject.com/es/download. From here you can configure the FPS, the video resolution and the sound equalization. And of course it will be easier to link external devices such as cameras and microphones, among other equipment.


An equally useful alternative is StreamLabs, which brings OBS to life . This stands out not only for having support for Windows or MacOS but also for Android. The ideal thing about this streaming tool is that it is very simple to use. In addition, it is configurable in seconds, which provides speed to be a beginner . Includes the option to make overlays, broadcast alerts, and more. You can even do simultaneous live shows on various platforms, not just on Facebook.


Streamlabs: Stream live on Twitch and Youtube

Developer: Stream labs

Price: Free

 EOS Utility

In case you want to use a professional camera for the streams, the EOS Utility program is quite practical. It has support for most professional cameras and the best part is that it complements very well with broadcast programs, such as OBS or StreamLabs. To download this tool developed by Canon you will have to go with your browser to the page https://www.canon.es/support/consumer_products/software/eos-utility.html?os=windows%2010%20(64-bit)&language=.


Another third-party software that Mark Zuckerberg’s own team recommends is XSplit, this program has products from Broadcaster, Gamecaster, VCam and Xpress Video Editor. It has a free version, but the paid mode is more complete and efficient. It is approached as a pro-level production program, but more intuitive than OBS.

But that’s not all, from here you can configure transmissions in UHD (4K) at 60 FPS without problem . It also has the option to download various sources to make your videos more attractive. It is a very powerful resource used by gamers to event managers.


Lastly, you can also try StreamYard . This program is free, however, if you want to enjoy the most complete functions you have to go to the paid version. One of its advantages is that you can have up to 6 conference guests.

The most important thing of all is that by being fully compatible with Facebook Live Producer, you will be able to adapt your needs in a simple way and in a few steps. Before finishing, you should know that all these third-party software are legal and that FB approves and promotes their use. It’s time to integrate Live Producer into your Facebook strategy.


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