How to change the mouse pointer in “League of Legends”

League of Legends” is an online multiplayer game in which players control champions who battle for supremacy. The mouse pointer has many functions within the game, including moving your character and taking skill shots. A skill shot is an ability that is cast on an area, rather than on an opponent. Most abilities will automatically target an opponent when used. Skill shots must be aimed at an area and fired at the right time to hit an enemy. League of Legends offers an orientation grid that you can use in place of the standard cursor. The orientation grid can be activated to replace the cursor through the in-game options.

Step 1

Open “League of Legends” and join a game.

Step 2

Press “Esc”, then click “More Options”.

Step 3

Check the checkbox next to “Line Missile Display.” Your cursor will now be changed to a targeting grid each time you use a skill shot.

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