Linguistics And Social Science 10 Facts

Linguistics And Social Science is very important topic.Linguistics touches the natural sciences such as physics, physiology and zoology. Acoustics brings linguistic near physics, the structure of the human vocal organs near physiology and the communicative systems of Living being and their comparison near zoology. A fairly detailed knowledge offered by these sciences about how sound-waves are framed, transmitted and received, what are the organs and articulately processes involved in the production of speech are of immense help to the linguist.

On the basis of such information he classifies sounds, and determines their characteristics. Physiology provides Turn knowledge about brain and the central nervous system.Language is speech uttered out of mouth. Hence the answers to questions like how are sounds produced? How does the wind come out of the lungs through the windpipe to the vocal cords to pass through the mouth or nasal passage? How do various speech organs such as vocal cords, soft-palate, tongue, teeth lips, etc, affect the sound?  These are primary interest and investigation for the linguistic. Fie can find out answers to such questions from biologist.

Linguistics And  Social Science Has very Close Relation

Science has contributed a great deal to the methodology of linguistics. It has formalized it; it has made it much more rigorous, objective and scientific. It has helped the linguist to describe language too. Yet in its methodology, linguistics is ‘intermediate’ between the natural and social sciences.

This is because of the subject matter of linguistics which is complicated full of many variables. Predictions of the linguistic are not exactly like those of natural scientist. Linguistics may, therefore, be compared with geology rather than with chemistry or physics in matters of approach and methodology.

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