Differences between Social Sciences and Natural Sciences

Social sciences and natural sciences are two fields of study with considerable differences. Social science is any study that is centered on society and its development. Thus, social sciences include a variety of fields, such as anthropology, education, economics, international relations, political science, history, geography, psychology, law, criminology, and smilars.

Anthropology is a social science that deals with the history of man. Economics is a social science that studies the various theories and problems related to the production of goods, the distribution of goods and, of course, the consumption of wealth. History is a social science that explores the events of … well … history.

On the other hand, natural sciences are the branches of science that study the details of the natural world through scientific methods. It is important to know that the natural sciences employ scientific methods to dig deeper into details about natural behavior and natural condition. This is the main difference between social sciences and natural sciences .

Sciences such as logic, mathematics and statistics are called formal sciences and they are also different from the natural sciences. Astronomy, Biology, Earth Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Oceanography, Material Sciences and Atmospheric Sciences are some of the well-known natural sciences.

It is interesting to note that topics such as meteorology, hydrology, geophysics and geology also fit as natural sciences since they all involve scientific methods in their approach.

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