What Is The Relationship Between Linguistics And Literature

Relationship Between Linguistics And Literature.The nature of language is of vital concern to the students of literature, because language is the medium in which literature is written. A creative writer is never wholly free from linguistic and cultural considerations or limitations howsoever unconscious of these he may he literally. He has to choose his structures and sounds according to the kind of aesthetic effect he wants to create.

What Is The Relationship Between Linguistics And Literature

His creation is determined by the structure of the language. The structure determines what can and cannot be said in the language, just as his cultural background determines the semantic content of his work.-

All linguistic levels exert an influence on his creativity and on what he creates. All these factors influence his style. Words-formation can often be used as a source for particular literary effect. It is linguistics which can scientifically explain the difficulties of translating a literary, text, especially a poem.

In return, it is the literary artist who enriches a language enormously, and refines it. It is he who also sets direction of language change by his distinct use and coinages and word- formations.. Stylistics’ is another testimony of the closeness between linguistics and literature. Among “other fine arts music is much’ closer to linguistics than any other branch of fine art.

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