Every motorist, from time to time, should do a license points check , complete with verification and balance points. A rather simple operation, but that in any case, whether you respect the Highway Code to the letter or occasionally commit a few minor offenses, it is always good to do to keep in mind how many points on the license you have. The points license is a mechanism established in Italy by law no. 214 of 1/8/2003 and which introduced article 126 bis of the Highway Code, in which all the necessary rules and the regulation of the license points balance, more than known, are established, but it is good to know in detail all the steps for checking driving license points, which toll-free number to call to find out the license balance and check how many are left.


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For several years now, the points license has made its appearance on the Italian automotive scene. When the law entered into force, in fact, all the people registered in the national registry of those entitled to drive – and all those who have obtained their driving license from that moment on – received a credit of 20 points. Consequently, the number of basic driving license points is exactly twenty: from that moment on, the number will change, positively if no infringements are committed, or negative if fines are foreseen which provide for the reduction of driving license points.

When the motorist incurs a penalty for which points of the driving license are expected to be deducted and the total number of available driving points will drop. If, on the other hand, you do not break the Highway Code for two years, two points will automatically be credited up to a maximum of 30 total points, a threshold beyond which you cannot grow.


How many points do I have on my driving license? A question that most motorists, especially upon notification of a fine with a reduction in license points, have asked themselves. Beyond the various calculations, which however require a bit of memory of any penalties suffered or years without fines, checking the license points is simple and immediate. The license points check is free in most ways, so the advice is to take advantage of the free tools since the result will be the same.

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A first fast and effective method to see the license points in your possession is the website of the Motorist Portal . By going to the license points balance section, in fact, you can easily check your license points online. It will simply be necessary to register on the site, free of charge, to allow you to access a lot of useful information. An alternative for checking license points is instead that of the official app of the Motorist Portal, iPatente . It is a free application for smartphones and tablets, which replicates all the features of the site, including the one through which you can find out your license points balance.


The easiest way, however, remains the telephone one. Although for a fee, the toll-free number created to find out the balance is the favorite of motorists as it is also the most immediate. By calling 848.782.782 , active 24 hours a day, you can find out the balance by typing the date of birth and the license number followed by the pound key. The cost, in this case, is that of an urban phone call so to know the actual expenditure it is good to consult your tariff plan.

A registered voice of the information service of the Ministry of Infrastructure will answer the call. At that point, to check the remaining driving license points, just type your date of birth (2 digits for the day, 2 digits for the month and 4 digits for the year), then type the number of your license, followed by the pound key #.


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If offenses are committed, the license points balance decreases according to the severity. If the speed limit of 60 km / h is exceeded, for example, 10 points will be removed from the driving license, 8 if the failure to respect the safety distance has caused an accident and so on up to the crime considered less serious as the improper use of headlights which costs only one point. Points are taken away from those behind the wheel at the time of the infringement. If you are stopped by a patrol, the agent heads and delivers the report to the driver.

If the violation is ascertained by automatic systems, such as speed cameras, the report is sent to the address of the owner of the vehicle (or to the legal representative of the company to which it is made out) with the appropriate deduction form for driving license points. At that point, you have 30 days to communicate to the police body that has ascertained the infringement of personal data and the driver’s license of the driver of the vehicle at that time. If this communication is not made, the owner will have to pay an increased fine, but will not lose points on his driving license.


Once the license points check has been carried out, there could be an unwelcome surprise, namely that of having reached zero (in the worst case scenario) or in any case with a decidedly negative balance. The motorist who wants to recover license points can decide to  attend the dedicated courses  at driving schools and centers authorized by the Ministry of Transport. After 12 hours of lessons, up to 6 points will be recovered , however, not being able to go beyond the limit of 20. In these courses various topics will be covered and it will not always be necessary to take an exam, but the collection of presences will be sufficient.

If the violations continue and the points drop to zero instead , it is mandatory to proceed with the revision of the license, that is to  repeat the practical and theoretical examination  to check if the driver is still able to drive. The unruly driver has thirty days to undergo the license review procedure. This means that he must take and pass a new driving qualification exam, at the end of which he will be credited with 20 new points. Otherwise, the license is suspended indefinitely, until this exam is passed.


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