How to check my Avantel balance

The ease that Avantel allows for the management and consultation of services on its website , where the client operates with the service acquired from the comfort of their home or from their work foundations, is not seen in many digital platforms that offer online assistance. line of prepaid and postpaid packages.

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  1. What transactions can we make from your Avantel account?
  2. What payment methods are there for Avantel Postpaid plans?
    1. Avantel online service
    2. Batolo charging points
    3. Automatic debit
  3. How can you top up your Avantel service?
    1. Prepaid Service
    2. Postpaid Service

What transactions can we make from your Avantel account?

There is an extended variety that allows you to do Avantel, from inquiries to general data , contracted services, analyze billing data; until you see the status of the portfolio and consumption.

Likewise, it facilitates the SIM Card application, as well as purchases of plans and equipment, PQRS filing, IMEI registration, invoice payments and change of plans (prepaid and postpaid).

What payment methods are there for Avantel Postpaid plans?

Avantel prepared structured conditions for Colombians based on the well-being of each client, so that in this way each one of the clients can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Avantel online service

To pay the bills, you must enter My Avantel  to access with your username and password. While in the menu you have to enter Pay your Invoice. The system gives you the list of the Unique Payment Reference (s) (RUP) that you can cancel. This is how on the screen you can see the invoices pending payment, which are classified in Services and Equipment.

Then select the RUP Number (Unique Payment Reference) corresponding to the invoice you want to pay to validate that the information belongs to your invoice and click the Pay button.

The system will automatically send you to the Online Payment Platform , there you select one of these options: Credit or Debit Card. For Credit Card, fill in the required information and for Debit Card, every customer with username and password must be registered with PSE. You will be sent directly to your selected Bank or Financial entity. When the process is completed, the system will return the Proof of your transaction.

Batolo charging points

The first thing to do is go to the Batolo charging point and tell the operator that you will make a bill payment. This will ask you for the agreement number, the cell phone number and the amount to pay. The process ends with the confirmation of your transaction where you verify the data on the receipt.

Automatic debit

This is the service offered by banks to execute payments quickly and easily. The automatic debit credit card helps make payments immediately for ease of the customer.

To pay with automatic debit, the client must enter his Credit Card, through On-line Banking, in offices or by telephone to pay the invoices automatically with the credit of his card.

It should be noted that the client must be the bank affiliate in addition to having available credit on the card at the time of payment, otherwise the payment will not be executed, running the risk that unpaid services will be suspended. or pay interest for late payment.

How can you top up your Avantel service?

By prioritizing customer convenience, Avantel creates top-up features on prepaid and postpaid services with just one click. Just as you can check the prepaid balance of other companies , Avantel has two ways to recharge your service balance.

Prepaid Service

In two steps you can recharge the prepaid service without having to create accounts , first of all you must enter Prepaid 4G LTE, then Recharge online (or Recharge here) and enter the information requested such as email, identity document and name of the client. A notification will be automatically sent to the mail, followed by the number to recharge and the amount of pesos to recharge, ending with Next.

It is important to remember that the recharge can be distributed at the customer’s request, either in data, minutes, text messages or for all services. Which means that the company has control, flexibility and savings because with Avantel its recharge lasts longer.

Postpaid Service

To pay for the Postpaid service is even easier because you only have to choose the package according to the rate you want to pay , where prices vary depending on the MBPS speed. It is essential that you know how many megabytes your internet has . After choosing the option of your preference, you must click to buy and it will automatically take you to your cart where you will complete the information requested such as your identity document and necessary bank information.

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