How to check the balance of my Digitel line

Digitel is currently one of the main telecommunications companies in Venezuela . The company was the first company to use 4G technology with symmetric speeds between 6 Mbps to 20 Mbps in Venezuela with the 4G / LTE frequency at 900 / 1800MHz. It currently also has 3G / HSPA + frequencies at 900MHz and GSM / GPRS / EDGE at 900MHz.

Digitel is characterized by offering its clients multiple telecommunications services in prepaid and postpaid plans adaptable to the needs of each person or company that is part of the clientele.

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  1. What are the activation plans that exist in Digitel?
    1. Radicall Plus
    2. 500 MB Smart Plus Plan
    3. Smart Plus 1.1 GB
  2. What other advantages do I get for being a Digitel customer?
  3. From what devices can I register for a Digitel account?
    1. Online web browsers
    2. Application for mobile devices
  4. Ways to check the current BAM Digitel Balance that I have on my line
    1. From Digitel online
    2. Calling BAM Digitel
    3. From the Digitel app
  5. Where can I top up my Digitel line?
    1. From the Bank of Venezuela
    2. From the Mercantile Bank
    3. From BBVA Provincial

What are the activation plans that exist in Digitel?

Activation plans can be obtained through one of the service centers, authorized agents, through the official Digitel website , through its mobile application or by calling number 121 from a device with a Digitel line .

Its clients range from natural persons to large companies . For this reason it presents three different activation plan services, either prepaid or postpaid, which you will find below.

Radicall Plus

This is the most basic plan Digitel currently has. Although it does not offer a great package of services, you can acquire these by purchasing your text, data service and calls packages separately. This plan has a cost of $ 0.22 per month.

500 MB Smart Plus Plan

This plan gives its name to the package of services it offers. Users with this activation plan can enjoy five hundred minutes of calls to any national operator, five hundred text messages, in the same way to any other national operator and five hundred Megabytes to navigate with the network it has.

Smart Plus 1.1 GB

If you are a Digitel customer and you activate the Intelligent Plus 1.1 GB plan you can enjoy a thousand text messages to any operator, in addition to a thousand minutes of calls, also to any operator and finally you will enjoy one thousand hundred and twenty-six Megabytes .

What other advantages do I get for being a Digitel customer?

This telecommunications company promises its users to be updated with each novelty in the world of telecommunications , in addition to having multiple options when paying for their plans. If you are a Digitel customer, you will have the following advantages.

  • Enjoy the Digitel mobile applicationwhich is available for different operating systems of mobile devices, where you can recharge your Digitel line, check the balance of your Digitel device, check your bills in detail, among others, whenever and wherever you want.
  • Voicemail service is free.
  • You can change your Digitel line to another device without any problem, since it is not directly linked to the mobile or landline device.
  • You can recharge Digitel services separately, it depends on which one you need. For example, you can buy only one data package to use the internet, you can buy minutes to call other operators or only text message packages to send.

From what devices can I register for a Digitel account?

If you don’t have an account with Digitel yet, you can register on any of their platforms to get one. You only need to have on hand a device with the mobile or fixed line that you are going to enter for registration and the email provided at the time of purchase of said Digitel line.

Online web browsers

  • Enter the official website of Digitel
  • Press the option “Register”
  • Enter the mobile internet number, mobile line or landline that you want to register
  • Press the “Accept” option
  • Check the code that will be sent to you below by text message to the number you are registering and to the email you gave when making the purchase of said line
  • Press the “Accept” option when you have the password
  • Select “People” and fill in the requested information
  • Enter the password that was sent to you by text message to the number in question and to the email
  • Accept Digitel’s terms and conditions
  • Confirm by pressing the “Accept” button
  • Enter your username, password, security questions and email
  • Confirm all the data provided
  • Then go to Digitel Online to enjoy the services

Application for mobile devices

  • Download the “Digitel” application from the application library of your mobile device, either the Play Store or the App Store on your iPhone
  • Select the option “Register”
  • Enter the mobile, landline or internet number
  • Enter the email address provided when purchasing the line
  • Verify the code that will arrive by text message to the number in question and to the email
  • Enter the code received
  • Provide a username and password with which you will log in later
  • Complete the security questions
  • Accept the terms and conditions

Ways to check the current BAM Digitel Balance that I have on my line

Digitel offers multiple options when it comes to balance inquiries. Although they are all quick and easy ways to do it.

From Digitel online

  • Enter the official Digitel website
  • At the top of the screen select “Digitel Online”
  • Enter the number of the line you are going to consult and the password
  • Under the “key” box, place the security code
  • Press “Enter”
  • Here you can view the current balance of your BAM

Calling BAM Digitel

To check your current balance through a call, dial 123 and call it is important that you know that this can only be done from a mobile or landline device with a Digitel line. Next you must press option one (1) and then option zero (0 ).

Enter the number to which you want to check the balance and you will receive an automatic response from the operator with the amount of balance that the number has.

From the Digitel app

  • Download and install the Digitel application from the Play Store application libraryon your mobile device or from the App Store on your iPhone
  • Enter by entering your username and security key
  • In your account you will see your current balance, payment date, among others

Where can I top up my Digitel line?

There are several ways to recharge your Digitel line . In the Digitel mobile application, on the Digitel official website, non-Digitel applications that offer this service, including platforms from different banks as you will see below.

From the Bank of Venezuela

  • Enter the Banco de Venezuela platform through the official website or download and install the BDV Digital application
  • Log in with your username and your digital password
  • In the menu, locate the option “Payments”
  • Then select the option “Services”
  • Press where it says “Operator recharge”
  • Select the “Digitel” option
  • In the first box, select the account to which you want to debit the amount of the recharge that you are going to make
  • If you do not have the Digitel number registeredto which you are going to recharge the balance, you must enter it, for example 04120000000, and wait for the system to send you a message to the number that you have affiliated with Banco Venezuela or enter the coordinates required by the system, of your coordinate card, to verify that you are the person who wants to recharge
  • If you already have the number registered in this service, just select it in the list of registered that appears in the second box
  • Choose one of the amounts that will appear, which indicates the balance you want to recharge
  • Accept and confirm the recharge

From the Mercantile Bank

  • Enter “merchant online people”
  • Enter your username and password
  • In the menu look for the option “transfers and payments”
  • Select ” recharge balance
  • Enter the number to which you want to recharge
  • Select the account to debit
  • Choose one of the established amounts to recharge
  • Confirm the data
  • Accept to recharge

From BBVA Provincial

  • Enter the provincial website or use the mobile application “Provinet”
  • Select the account to which you are going to debitthe amount you recharge
  • Open the “I Want Menu” 
  • Click on “Servicepayments”
  • Choose the mobile phone company you want to recharge. In this case it is Digitel
  • Select “Recharge”
  • Write the number of the Digitel lineyou want to recharge. For example, 04120000000. In case you don’t have it saved in the “Frequent” option
  • Enter the recharge amount
  • Check the data
  • Enter your special code or the digital code that will be sent to you by text message to the number registered in the Provincial bank or to the email
  • Finally, confirm to recharge
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