The electric scooters are becoming the new frontier in smart mobility. Although the price lists are much higher than traditional scooters, you need to carefully evaluate your needs in the movements of everyday life and especially the city in which you live. It is clear that for several reasons electric scooters are more synergistic in large cities, where there are restrictions on access to areas such as the ZTL. Also true how much the initial cost is currently higher but the government has confirmed the incentives for the purchase on the new one . Scrapping any two-wheeled vehicle Euro 1-2-3, you are entitled to a 30% discount on the list price of the electric scooter, up to a maximum of 3,000 euros.

In addition, electric scooters are exempt from stamp duty for five years , enjoy a discount that can go up to 50% on the insurance premium, do not require periodic maintenance regarding the mechanical components of the engine but, if used well, they can contribute to reduce the costs of private transport. That relating to the purchase of a small two-wheeler 100% zero emissions – albeit without being able to use the ring road and highways – seems to be one of the Italians’ preferred solutions and for this reason, here is a selection of the best scooters on the market


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