How to check Claro’s balance on a prepaid line

Claro is a multinational telecommunications company with great influence in Spanish and the United States, with a presence in 18 countries in America, it has more than 280 million subscribers to its line of services, among which we have mobile telephony, satellite internet, Television, voice calls, music and a wide variety of services . For this reason it is very likely that you or someone you know will use one of the services of this great company . In this tutorial we will show you the different ways that exist so that you can check the balance of your Claro prepaid line.

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  1. Ways to check the balance of a Claro line
    1. From the App
    2. On the website
    3. Per call
    4. By code
    5. With SMS
  2. How long do clear refills last?
  3. Where can I recharge my balance?
  4. What can be done if the recharge does not arrive?

Ways to check the balance of a Claro line

There are at least 5 ways you can check the balance of your Claro prepaid line, in this section we will briefly talk about each of them.

From the App

The Claro company has an app available to its users that is available in the App Store and also in the Play Store called “My Claro”, with which you can check your available balance at the time . You just have to install the app and enter the data it requests to create your profile, from where you can easily check your balance.

On the website

Another way to check your Claro balance is through its website, as Claro has a presence in many countries, you must connect to the page corresponding to your country , for example, if you are in Spain, the page you should visit is www.claro., if you connect from Argentina, the page will be and so on for each country. If you are not sure which page corresponds to your country, you can visit Claro’s official page and select your country from the left menu where you can see the list of available countries.

Once you are in the page corresponding to your country you must go to the upper right section and locate the box called “My Clear”, then a new page will open where you must create a personal account in your self-management channel , click on the button “Create your user” and fill in the form with all the information that the page requests. If you already have a user created, then in that case you must log in with the email and password that you configured when you created your personal account.

When you are already in your profile, go to select the type of line you want to consult, if it is prepaid or postpaid , then access the option “Balance Queries” in the menu , and voila, the system will show you the available balance and the Last activity carried out by the service that you have contracted with that company.

Per call

The Claro balance inquiry through a telephone call is one of the most practical and fastest ways that there is , however you should know that depending on the country where you are, you will have to call one telephone number or another. So we share a list with you.

Check Claro balance in Argentina and Colombia: Dial * 611 # + Call button from your mobile . Select the option corresponding to balance and consumption, the system will send you a message with the detail of your available balance

Check Claro balance in Peru: Enter your calls menu on your mobile, dial the number * 777 and select option 1, wait a few seconds and you will be able to listen to your call as the operator will give you the available balance at the moment.

Check Claro balance in Chile and Ecuador: In the case of these two countries, the number to call is the same, you must make a call to * 123 # and when you start the call choose option 1 where you will be notified via voice of your available balance .

Check Claro balance in Costa Rica: For this country the number to call is * 30 from your mobile, once the call is made, you will be able to listen to a message with your balance.

Check Claro balance in Guatemala: In Guatemala you must make a call to the number * 5 , but you should know that this call has a cost of Q1.00 to be able to access your balance information.

Check Claro balance in El Salvador: For this Central American country you must make a call to the number * 222 # and dial option 4, you will immediately obtain the information on the status of the balance of your line.

By code

To check balance by code in Peru: The way to check your balance and see the available balance through the screen of your mobile is by dialing the number * 777 # and a notification will appear with the available balance on your screen.

Check your Claro balance in Honduras: In Honduras the process to check your balance is to make a call to the number * 5 + Send or call key, you can also do it by calling the number * 55 or * 120 # and you will be able to see the balance on your screen that you have available at the moment.

With SMS

The balance inquiry through text messaging is also available for some countries, as is the case of Argentina , a country where you must send an SMS to the number 611 with the word ” BALANCE ” without the quotation marks and in a moment you will receive a message with the information of your available balance. The country of El Salvador also has the option balance inquiry via text messaging, in this case the number to send the message is the 72536 with the word BALANCES receive a message with details of your available balance.

How long do clear refills last?

The duration of Claro recharges varies depending on the country where you are, but on average if you buy a package of 3 Gigas + unlimited calls to Claro mobile this plan will be valid for 3 days. The 2 Gig plan plus 100 minutes of calls to all operators will be valid for 15 days .

The 7 Gig plan includes 1 Gig of Facebook + 1 Gig of TikTok and Instagram will be valid for 30 days, but the Giga available for Facebook and Instagram will only be available for 7 days.

Where can I recharge my balance?

Each country has its own methods of recharging credit, to find out about the details of each one, you can visit the Claro website corresponding to your country, but we want to talk to you about a couple of methods that you can use to recharge credit from any country with your credit card.

The first is by accessing the Claro recharges page, the URL of the official website is where you will see a drop-down menu to choose the country corresponding to the number you want to recharge, then enter the full number, verify that does not have errors, press the red button to continue with the process and enter the payment information that the system requests. This platform is very safe and easy to use.

The second way to recharge your balance is through the official Claro recharges app , it is called Claro Recargas and it is available for iOS and Android, once you download the app you just have to open it, select the destination of the recharge you want to do, or also enter the full number with the country code, then select the amount you want to recharge to that number or if you prefer, choose one of the call packages or Gigas of navigation and finally, enter the payment information that the system I asked you. In a few minutes you will have the balance available in the number you just entered to recharge.

What can be done if the recharge does not arrive?

If after a few hours you still do not receive the balance sent through any payment platform, then you should contact the customer service of the same platform that you used to send the recharge or through the support provided by the website corresponding to each country according to your region.

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