Knowing how to listen does not make us sponges for other people’s problems

Unfortunately, knowing how to listen is not a skill that affects everyone. How many times does it happen to worry about someone’s needs or to analyze in depth the problems that afflict them?

Unless you are an empathetic person, unfortunately the answer will be “very little”. But then when you want to be listened to and receive the right consideration from a friend you realize that you are almost completely ignored or even worse, it can happen to see many people spend a lot of time on the phone talking for hours but in times of need or following a confidence, the only answer is silence.

In fact, it is not for everyone to put themselves in the shoes of others, to capture their messages and nuances that they try to express. Sometimes it would be enough to imagine how others might feel at a certain moment, especially if it is delicate circumstances to help us understand and get in touch with the person who has chosen us as confidants. Also because a wrong attitude in the listening phase could also cause a kind of closure , or an individual who already has difficulty expressing himself could really be affected and worry about the judgment of others. As a result, people stop caring or asking questions about a certain situation or even worse, they also tend to forget about very important details .

In this regard, it is necessary not to get many problems or feel pressured when you want to confide in and dialogue with someone, paying attention to those people who tend to express only what can prove to be important for others and not what is fundamental for them. . People who do not know how to listen have the habit of focusing the discussion on them again, perhaps leaving out the fundamental details of the speech of those who are trusting and for this reason, they return to listening and talking only about what is important for others and not for themselves. You cannot control conversations, but with a touch of touch you can become a good interlocutor for others.

Let us also remember that it is essential to discuss in the right way and when you become a real target of typical talkers, you must learn to restrain your listening skills when they are exploited because knowing how to listen means knowing how to deal with people with the right consideration , from both sides. Opening someone’s heart means showing empathy and understanding towards him and this is the best way to defeat the sense of despair and loneliness.


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