The rebirth of the soul. Your life starts here, again

Because after all we are really lucky to think about it: life gives us infinite possibilities to be reborn . A new job, a different city, a new home and then love, and that unexpected joy that reminds us that everything can always change. The most beautiful things and people seem to belong to that bright and enveloping light that comes only after going through the darkest and most tiring moments.

Is this not a gift we should be grateful for ? Just as it happens with the things that surround us, we too transform and evolve, change skin and renew ourselves . Often it happens just when we seem to have no more strength, when the mind can no longer support the weight of the soul, tired and tired. Those are the moments when, in reality, we prepare for the biggest, most important changes.

Because it is only when we have the feeling that we have lost our vital energy, because there have been insurmountable obstacles and seemingly unbeatable walls, that we understand that it is time to leave behind something that no longer belongs to us.

Maybe we understood it painfully, but the time has come to turn the page and say goodbye to the past, which will remain forever in the memories, to begin living the present, here and now . It happens that, just like when we were born, we do not know what awaits us out there, far from the comfort zone  in which we have taken refuge for a long, perhaps too long, time.

It’s scary it’s true , but rebirth is a gift of life, essential and fundamental to find ourselves. Sometimes, there is sadness in letting go of something, but the truth is that nothing will ever be gone forever, whether it’s people, choices and situations, we must remember that everything done has led us here today, to a new and important milestone in our journey.

A melancholy sadness that is nothing more than a celebration of smiles, tears, joy and pain, of everything done and said. This state of mind is the instant before the renewal, the rebirth of the soul , the seed that blossoms within us. Although apparently painful, these are the unforgettable moments that mark the beginning of a new life, ours.


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