How to put ‘What song should I listen to?’ on Instagram if it does not appear?

One of the social networks of the moment is undoubtedly Instagram. It could be said that this application works magic thanks to all the effects it brings so that you can edit your photos and videos before uploading them to your stories.

You can enter this application from the official Instagram page and you can also do it from the mobile application for phones . In this social network you can see many trends and one of these is one that is very unique. It’s about song recommendations, if you don’t know how to do it, we’ll show you how to do it shortly.

How to put ‘What Song Should I Listen?’ on Instagram if it doesn’t appear?

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  1. What steps should you follow to put this type of story on Instagram?
    1. With an Android mobile
    2. From an iOS device
  2. What kind of edits should you include in your Instagram story to improve it?
    1. Change the color or background
    2. Add stickers
    3. Insert external text
  3. In which section of Instagram can you see the responses to your stories?
  4. Why is music not allowed in your stories and what to do to fix it?
    1. update the app
    2. Clear cache
    3. Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

What steps should you follow to put this type of story on Instagram?

This new function that has been added to Instagram recently is nothing more than a filter that you can use in your stories and posts . This filter has become a great trend because one of the things that unites people is music and thanks to this filter you can ask other users of this social network for music recommendations.

Of course, you can also recommend your favorite songs to your Instagram friends as long as you reply to their stories.

With an Android mobile

If the phone with which you enter Instagram is Android and you want to know how to use this filter here, we will show you how to do it. First you will enter the Instagram app and you will have to open the camera . You can do this in two ways, by pressing the camera icon at the top left of the screen.

Then you are going to take a photo or you will slide your finger from the bottom of the screen up to open the photos that you have already taken in the gallery. After you choose the photo, you will have to click on the sticker icon that are the effects for the stories, there you will look for the option called ‘Questions’.

Then you just have to write ‘what song do you recommend to listen to’ or whatever they answer you with the name of a song and add a musical note emoji to refer to the question you’re asking.

From an iOS device

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and you want to put this type of writing in your Instagram stories, you can also do it in a very simple way . You will only have to open the Instagram camera and you will take a new photo. Then click on the smiley sticker, when you open this part you will have to look for the part called ‘Questions’.

Now you are going to write ‘What song should I listen to’ or something that refers to this and add an emoji that also highlights the question , then you are only going to click on ‘Send’ and ‘Share’ in this way and you will upload it to your story.

What kind of edits should you include in your Instagram story to improve it?

There are many people who use Instagram and they are almost always adding new content to their profiles and these make their accounts look very flashy and you may want to know how to make these changes to make your Instagram account stand out more . Here we are going to give you three tips that will surely make your profile come alive.

Change the color or background

To change the tone or color of the background of your photos on Instagram you will go to the face in the application, then you will click on the sticker icon that is at the top of the screen. There you will have to look for the option called ‘Change background’, after you press this option you will be able to choose the color or tone that you want to place on the background of your photo or video.

Add stickers

To add stickers to your photos on Instagram there will be no problem either, you will only have to enter the part of the sticker that is on the screen after you take or choose a photo and there you will look for the part that says stickers and when you press it you can add any sticker you like.

Insert external text

To write a few words about your photo before sending it to your story you just have to take a new photo and after you do it you will click on the pencil icon at the top. After you press it you can write anything on the photo and adjust the size of the place where the writing or font will be.

In which section of Instagram can you see the responses to your stories?

If you’ve uploaded a story and want to know if someone has responded to it but you don’t know where on Instagram the replies are coming from, knowing this will help you. When a person sees your story and swipe up to reply to it, all the replies you receive will go to your DM or Direct Messages, there you will be able to see all the replies to your stories.

Why is music not allowed in your stories and what to do to fix it?

There is almost always a phone that has some problem with an app. This is very easy to solve, it depends on the problem that the application presents, if you have tried to add a song to an Instagram story and you have not succeeded, you will have to try to fix the application in these three ways so that you can solve it.

update the app

Normally this problem occurs when the version of the application that you have installed on your phone is not the latest. Therefore, for this to be solved you have to go to the application store of your phone, in this case we will talk about the Android Play Store.

So that you can see if the Instagram app is updated, you are going to enter the Play Store, then in the writing bar that is at the top and you are going to click on the small circle that has your profile picture. Then you will click on the ‘Manage applications’ option and then you will click on ‘Applications’ there and you will be able to search for the available update option and you will be able to update it.

Clear cache

To clear the cache of the application you will have to go to the ‘Settings’ application on your phone. In what you are there you will look for the tab called ‘Applications’ and after pressing it you will enter where it says ‘Task Manager’. Here you will only have to search for the name of the Instagram application and in what you find it you will press it and there will be the ‘Clear cache’ button, press it and everything will be ready.

Uninstall and reinstall Instagram

This is always the most drastic but safest way to fix an error in an application. For this you will only have to go to the Play Store and there in the search engine you will write the name Instagram. After you do this, you will open the option that the search has thrown you and from there you can uninstall the Instagram application and after it is uninstalled you can install it again from there.

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