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Since its birth and evolution , TikTok has impressed the whole world with its variety of content to entertain the public and socialize with others . Today, Millions of people use it to share creative videos and a wide variety of information, it is for this reason that you may want to take care of the information you have in it, as well as know what to do to make your messages private when sharing them with others.

How to Activate Private Messages for your Audience on TikTok?

Given this, we bring you an article where you can find out what privacy functions this famous social network offers you when it comes to communicating with your friends or the general public. And so you can use it without fear that they can access your account or perhaps even obtain personal data from it , they are simple and simple steps that will be very useful, you can also share with your group of friends so that you would not only protect your account but also also theirs.

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  1. How do you access your direct messages on TikTok?
  2. Where can you change the privacy of the private messages that come to your account?
    1. only for your friends
    2. anyone can write to you
  3. How to set up automatic replies for TikTok messages?
  4. What are the restrictions that TikTok puts on messages and what to do to remove them?
  5. Are the messages that are sent by TikTok safe or should you be wary of your sensitive information?

How do you access your direct messages on TikTok?

On many occasions we want to send a comment or simply say hello to a friend or someone we are following with our account. It is very simple, you just have to go to the profile of the person you want to send the direct or message, then click on the message icon, and with this you will be sending a private message to the person you want.

Now, so that you can see the messages that you have received from your personal TikTok account, the main thing you must do is have the application for your mobile and thus be able to access it from the phone. However, you should also know that through web browsers you can go to its main page from your PC or Laptop. Then, what you should do is enter your account by writing your personal data, where you want to see or read those direct messages that you have received.

When you have logged into your account, go to the top of the screen and click on the three consecutive dots that you can see to the right of it. Afterwards, a pop-up window will be displayed that contains different options and windows that direct you to other functions of this website, such as linking your Instagram account with TikTok. You will also see the messages section, which will allow you to go to the direct message box that your account has currently received. As you will see in this section you can see and choose the messages you want to see easily and quickly.

Where can you change the privacy of the private messages that come to your account?

It is important for everyone that the privacy of the activities we carry out on our social sites is guaranteed by them. This social platform has created privacy policies , where its users can access their account and manage their privacy status freely, they can put private videos, adjust the privacy of those who can see their profile and even those who can write to them if they wish.

This configuration procedure, as is the case with the privacy of the messages of the accounts created in TikTok, can be done by easily going to the ‘Me’ icon of your personal account, then you must select the icon with three points in a row, located on the top right of the screen. Finally, you only have to select the option of ‘Privacy’ and ‘Who can send you direct messages’ and then you must choose either ‘Everyone, friends or nobody’.

An important point that the TikTok social platform has implemented and that you must take into account is that only users who meet the required age of 16 years are the ones who will be able to send direct messages or videos through them, this is It has been carried out to make an improvement regarding the security of TikTok.

only for your friends

One of the privacy options that you can select to implement it in your personal TikTok account is to be able to send direct messages only to your friends. Once you have chosen this setting , only those people who are added or that you have followed as your friends on this social site, will be able to communicate with you through personal messages. So, if other people outside of you want to send you a personal message, they will not be able to do so, because the button to send the message will be automatically disabled for them.

However, they can still follow you so you can add them so they can communicate with you . You can also find another last option within this direct message privacy section, it is the ‘Nobody’ option. By clicking on it, the messages will automatically be disabled. Given this, no person will be able to send you messages and of course you will not be able to write to any of your TikTok contacts either.

anyone can write to you

To do this, the first thing you must do is enter the profile of your TikTok account, then you must click on the button that says ‘Me’ and at the top of the screen select where the three points are in a row. Finally, go to the section that says ‘Account privacy’, this procedure will send you to a submenu, where you must choose the option that says ‘Who can send you messages’ . After you choose this option, you will see that the people who have the option to send you messages to your personal account will appear. In it, you will see the first option called ‘Everyone’, if you click there, then any user can send messages to your TikTok account.

How to set up automatic replies for TikTok messages?

This social platform gives you the possibility of configuring default messages so that you can carry out actions that require quick responses in cases of emergencies. As they can be, those messages that are used for when they are not online and messages are received. So, through them, it will be possible to respond quickly that you are not available, or that you will respond at another time but that you have already received the message.

Now, so that you can activate this function, you just have to go to the settings box by simply touching the option of the three points that will appear in the upper right corner of your computer screen. Then, you must go to the messages section to go to the received messages mailbox. Once you are there, you must click again on the aforementioned points and choose the configuration option and select where it says default messages. When entering it, you will be able to write the messages that will be sent automatically, and to finish and as a last procedure you must choose the option that will allow you to activate these already created messages and then you can save them.

What are the restrictions that TikTok puts on messages and what to do to remove them?

On some occasions, this popular and widely used social network implements some restrictions to send and receive messages, since it is not appropriate to send messages that may have obscene language to your acquaintances on TikTok because you will be violating the norms or rules that have been created for the use of it. It is also important that you know that by making any kind of offensive, sexual message or that causes psychological damage to another user, it is possible that the attacker’s account will be deleted or he will be penalized for it.

Keep in mind that on the same official TikTok page some new restrictions are being given that will apply to the messaging section. One of them is that the user who is under 16 years of age will not be able to receive any type of direct message until this account reaches the age of majority. Something that is very useful since it prevents minors from being victims of any type of harassment, although being of legal age you can also suffer this type of damage, we recommend that you report it to the support system, in this way you will contribute to the network be just for fun and entertainment.

Are the messages that are sent by TikTok safe or should you be wary of your sensitive information?

Through this social network, when sending direct messages they contain very good security, this is due to their code encryption and therefore they are very difficult to hack. In this way, computer hackers will not be able to violate the conversations you have with other users, so we can be calm and safe as long as we comply with the requirements and conditions that they show us when creating our own TikTok account.

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