Do you know these funny facts about smiling?

Everyone loves to see smiling faces. Lots of words to say, one laughs. Does smiling just enhance beauty? Not at all, it has many health qualities. There are some qualities of laughter that will surprise you when you hear them. Let’s find out some such unknown information with a smile.

2. Increased immunity
Smiles improve your health as well as increase immunity. According to psychologists, your mood will turn into a good laugh with an open smile. Which helps you to stay healthy by relaxing.

2. It spreads
like smiles like a variety of diseases. It is contagious from one person to another. Look at a man and laugh, no matter how blunt he may be, he’ll smile at the answer to your smile.

2. What makes
a smile a smile makes your personality more attractive. With this, your beauty increases a lot. A sweet smile will make your partner forget.

Physical health correlates with our mental health by increasing the lifespan . Laughter keeps your mind fresh and relieves your pain. Which increases your life expectancy. Studies have shown that the average life expectancy of people in Hasan has increased by 3 years!  

2. Social and Friendly
When you talk to a stranger with a smile, they think you are a social and friendly person. Which makes it easier for you to relate to others.

2. Baby Smiles
Many people think that babies laugh after weeks of birth. But did you know that babies are laughing after birth? Especially when they are asleep they laugh.

Laughter type research has shown that there are 3 types of laughter on earth We always laugh at those kinds of smiles. Laughter is an immense gift of nature. Laughter is called a drug. So smile, stay healthy.

by Abdullah Sam
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